RSS to file defamation suit against Kerala Minister Issac
 RSS has initiated action against Kerala Finance Minister Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac
RSS has initiated legal steps against Kerala Finance Minister Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac for stating that RSS killed Gadhiji. He wondered, whether it suits political ethics if Congress-led UDF candidate seeks the support of RSS which killed Mahatma Gandhi. RSS Kollam Mahanagar Sanghchalak R. Goapalakrishnan has sent legal notice to Isaac and K.J. Thomas and P. Rajeev, printer/publisher and editor of "Deshabhimani" respectively, which carried the above news. The Malayalam daily is the mouthpiece of CPM.
Simultaneously R. Gopalakrishnan has filed the complaint before the district collector also who is also the distirct returning officer. Complaint letter reads that several court verdicts and commission reports have exonerated RSS from this crime. They all are available in public domain. Whoever have told this utter lie in the past had saved thier skin by apologising for their error. Issac knows it. Still he propagates the lie for misguiding the voters. The notice asked the minister and the newspaper to cary an apology for the erroneous statemenet on the first page of paper within seven days. Otherwise RSS will go ahead with the civil and criminal actions against them.