Modi a Man of Action
It is time for Bharat’s 130 crore people to decide whether they want a ‘Mazboot Sarkar’ (strong government) which can build a strong Bharat or a ‘Mazboor Sarkar’ (a helpless government) as the divided opposition wants
Dr Ravindra Agrawal
This message of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in ‘Sankalp Patra-Lok Sabha 2019’, the BJP’s manifesto for Lok Sabha elections, is an awakener and valuable thought for the youths of Bharat. This is not merely a political slogan, but a reminder of some of the important historical facts. It is well-known that during the freedom movement, when youths of Bharat recognised their real strength, they unitedly fought against the mighty British Empire. Finally, the Britishers were forced to quit Bharat, and we achieved Independence on August 15, 1947. In fact, this historic victory of Bharat started the countdown of the British Empire all over the world. Hence, the youth of Bharat changed the fate of the entire world. Even today, the Bharatiya youth are playing an important role in every sphere of life in the world—whether it is the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia or the Gulf countries. But in Bharat, the fate of our youth seems to be uncertain. Why?
Chinese leading daily ‘Global Times’ in an op-ed article says if Modi wins election 2019, India’s current firm and tough manner is bound to continue Dr Ravindra Agrawal Before replying to this question, I would quote a line from the Congress Manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. On page seven the manifesto asks the voters “Why Congress Again?” In the next line, it replies—“Our record speaks for itself. We have delivered prosperity for the people of India before. We will do it again!”
Now, the answer to the above question is self-explanatory. Parliamentary records show that during UPA-II regime, the Congress passed a widely publicised Bill known as ‘Right to Food Act-2013’. That Bill itself said that about two-third population of India was unable to purchase food on its own. Hence, the state would provide them foodgrain on subsidised rates—wheat @ Rs 2 per kg and rice @ Rs 3 per kg. This was the shape and size of the ‘prosperity’ that was delivered by the Congress during its 60 years regime. Unfortunately, it was the Congress that ruled the country most of the years after Independence. BJP or Modi cannot be blamed for this ‘unfortunate prosperity’ of the people of India. Now, it is more shameful, what the grand old party ‘Pledged’ to ‘Deliver’ in its latest manifesto that “We will do it again”. It is a clear message, which the people should remember, that if they return to power in 2019, they will deliver the ‘prosperity’ in the same way, as they delivered during their previous regimes. The reality check of Congress Manifesto-2019 itself is the answer to my question that why is the fate of Bharatiya youth very uncertain. It is needless to say that when the two-third population of a country is struggling for two times’ meal, then what can they do for themselves, their country and the rest of the world. That is why when the youth find bleak future here they prefer to go abroad and use their skills for other countries.
Bharat is a youthful country. A country with such a major percentage of youth has the capability to change not only its own but the fate of the entire world.”—PM Narendra ModiShri Narendra Modi, after getting the mandate in 2014, changed this narrative and now the whole world is very hopeful towards the future of Bharat and sees a very clear picture of ‘New Bharat.’ It has been indicated in the ‘UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) Survey Report-2019’. Prior to 2014, the world saw a very hazy future of India. In this reference, it is very important to note how China’s view has now changed towards Bharat.
Modi & Chinese Media
Chinese leading daily ‘Global Times’ in its an op-ed on March 15, 2017 writes: “If [Mr.] Modi wins the next election (2019), India’s current firm and tough manner is bound to continue. It will be, without question, good news for the country’s own development. Nevertheless, it will likely mean more difficulties in making compromises in rows with other countries.” ‘The Hindu’ on next day reported, ‘The write-up described Mr. Modi as “a man of action, rather than a politician with only slogans,” whose success stemmed from his stance on development as well as efforts to carry out economic reform and attract foreign investment’ (visit the link:
Modi has people’s support
“Long Xingchun, Director of Center of Indian Studies, China West Normal University told The Hindu that the recent elections (UP Assembly) embody “the eagerness of the Indian people to pursue development and this has resulted in strong support for Mr. Modi.” He added: “[Mr.] Modi is becoming a strong leader with people’s support. This would enable him to make bold decisions to solve major problems with China.”
The daily also said that “China should read the changes in India as “an opportunity to give more consideration over how to make breakthroughs in Beijing-New Delhi relations with a hard-line Indian government.” The daily also pointed out that “India, under Prime Minister Modi, was pursuing multi-vectored diplomacy, engaging with all the major players in the international system. “He [Mr. Modi] enhanced New Delhi’s ties with China and Moscow and applied to be a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Yet he also upgraded defence collaboration with the US and Japan, articulated his support for the US rebalance to the Asia-Pacific strategy and Washington’s stance on the South China Sea issue.”
Modi hadn’t offended anyone
The op-ed observed that Mr. Modi “changed India’s previous attitude of trying never to offend anyone and started to take a clear stance in controversies among other nations to maximise its own interests.”
This is the changed perception of China to whom Congress president Rahul Gandhi refers every time praising China’s development.
Here it is important to note that China sees that Bharat will emerge as a stronger nation if Modi wins 2019 elections. India’s current firm and tough manner is bound to continue and it will be without question good news for the country’s own development. But I am sorry to say that India’s divided opposition wants the defeat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose strength is ‘people’s support’ and is “a man of action, rather than a politician with only slogans.”
Now it is time for the nation’s 130 crore people to decide whether they want a ‘Mazboot Sarkar’ which can build a ‘Saksham Bharat’, as per PM Modi’s vision or they want a ‘Mazboor Sarkar’ as the divided opposition wants. If the people choose a ‘Mazboor Sarkar’ then the country will also become ‘Mazboor’ in comparison to the world’s strong nations. I think nation wants a ‘Mazboot Sarkar’, which “will be without question good news for the country’s own development” and “take a clear stance in controversies among other nations to maximise its own interests.”
(The writer is a senior journalist)