Swayamsevaks do not Work with the Feeling of Competition
Pune: “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh works in the society taking the whole society with it. There are problems in the society, but their solution lies in the society itself,” said RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, while releasing a book “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh—Ek Vishal Sangathan” on April 9. The Marathi book has been written by Shri Ramkrishna Patwardhan. The function was jointly organised by Maharashtra Education Society (MES) and Snehal Prakashan. Noted industrialist and chairman of Kinetic Group Shri Arun Firodia, Air Marshal (retd) Shri Bhushan Gokhale, Member Board of Director MES Shri Rajiv Sahasrabuddhe, Shri Jayant Ranade and Shri Ghatpandey from Snehal Prakashan were also present.
Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi and others releasing ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh—Ek Vishal Sangathan’ in Pune 
Shri Joshi further said there is no formality in the Sangh work. Dr Hedgewar did not give us any structure. He gave us only the goal. He did not explain how to do but explained why to do. Shri Joshi said if we have to bring a change in the society, every individual has to move forward with the zeal that ‘I will bring this change’. Since we in the society are responsible for the problems, therefore we ourselves have to find the solution. He said the Sangh swayamsevaks do not work with the feeling of competition. 
Shri Firodia said the British widened the distance in our society and we too are responsible for it to a great extent. There was as a time when we led the world, but now while blindly aping the West we have lost our identity. We should help every needy person in our society. Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale said such books inspire the young generation.
Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi released another book ‘Parisvedh’ on April 7 in Pune. The book has been written by Shri Ravindra and Shri Rajbhau Mule and was published by Vivek and Hindustan Prakashan.