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Go with the Worthy
Apropos (Vote for the Nation), Organiser April 14, 2019, the quotation of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya stirring the voters is very well connected with the Elections 2019. This shows his farsightedness. He had told the voters in 1962 to “consider the cause and not the caste, and go with the worthy rather than the winner”. Democracy can function smoothly only when the voters exercise their voting right consciously. Though many organisations are working in the country to awaken the voters, still much needs to be done to enlighten the voters so that they use their democratic right for the nation and not any party.
Jagdamba Singh, New Delhi
QNet Scam and Congress
Apropos (A Saga of Deceit, unholy nexus, falsehoods and Agony), Organiser, April 14, 2019, the QNet scam involving many high profile people from politics particularly the Congress party and also some from the film industry is another example how ordinary people are still being cheated in the country in the name of Ponzi schemes. Prime Minister Modi has taken very bold steps to boost the economy, he must take similar bold steps to curb the cheating done with the ordinary people through chit fund. The victims of QNet scam should get justice at the earliest.
Jagdish Prasad, Jaipur
True Colours of Congress
Apropos (The Alliance that Congress wants to Downplay), Organiser, April 14, 2019, it is a shame on the part of Congress to seek support from the very much Muslim League which is responsible for Partition of the country. Congress leaders mobilised the Muslim League cadre during Rahul’s rally in Wayanad where he filed his nomination, as he finds his victory doubtful in his old bastion Amethi. The man who is not confident of his victory from any seat dreams to lead this nation. This also shows that Congress can seek support from even anti-nationals to garner power. True colours of Congress are visible now. This is a new low for the oldest party in India. Gajendra Singh, Bhopal
Self-Goal by Congress
APROPOS (The Manifesto with Lies and Empty Promises), Organiser April 14, 2019, the Congress-manifesto has incorporated some anti-national aspects like commitment to scrap sedition-law and amending the AFSPA. Such dangerous steps, if implemented, will freshly induce insurgency and militancy. Like friction is a necessary evil, every Act is likely to be misused by someones. But that does not mean altogether scrapping of such provisions. Even RTI Act, anti-dowry act and post-Nirbhaya Act are misused. This does not mean that all these Acts should be repealed. Need is to induce mechanism to check misuse of various Acts including Sedition Law and AFPSA. Indian political parties should follow the example of Israel where all political parties are firmly united with the government on issues of national security and foreign relations. Such provisions incorporated in Congress-manifesto will definitely reduce votes of Congress where already people, in general, are anguish over dream economic policy of the party based on a heavy dose of freebies, which can only be fulfilled through a heavy dose of additional taxes.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Mental Children of Gandhi
Apropos (Final Blow to the Hindu Terror Narrative), Organiser March 31, 2019, the victim Hindus were treated as accused and the accused Muslims were treated as victims by the Congress and its associates. In fact, the Congress leaders are faithfully following the footsteps of their Father (of the nation?) Gandhi, who posed as Hindu saint cum poor farmer, at every step, throughout his life, cheated the Hindus. He went on fast unto death for the Muslims who were very safely living in truncated India. The very same Gandhi never spoke a single word of sympathy for the Hindus being slaughtered on a very large scale in Pakistan. He advised a deputation of Hindu refugees on September 32, 1947 saying, “He would repeat his advice that they should all be prepared to die.... The art of dying bravely with honour did not need any special training” (Delhi Diary, page 33). The word chosen by Gandhiji, like bravery, honour, and art of dying are shameful. He was so cruel for the Hindus. One cannot expect anything better from his mental children today.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula