Rahul wants to replicate ‘Amethi Model of Development’ in Wayanad; BJP will ensure constitutional protection to belief and traditions: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Govindankutty from Thiruvananthapuram
“Rahul Gandhi is not contesting from Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency to send a message to the South, but for 'appeasement politics', said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday while addressing an election rally in Thiruvananthapuram.
"Congress' Naamdaar says he is contesting from Wayanad because he wanted to send a message to South. Couldn't you contest from Trivandrum to give the message? It's the capital. It's not a message to South but a message of appeasement politics," PM Modi said.
Shri Modi hit out at Rahul Gandhi’s double standards on the matter of its connections with CPM and said, "Congress president had to come to Wayanad here to secure his place in Parliament. He says he won't speak a word against CPM. Kerala main kushti aur Delhi main dosti, yahi inka khel hai," PM Modi stated.

“If BJP comes to power again, the party will protect your faith and traditions and will fight for it from court to parliament (indirectly referring to Sabarimala issue). BJP’s stand is clear. But, Congress is playing a dangerous double game. They say something in Delhi, something else in Kerala. It is important to understand their two faces,” he said.
Urging his supporters in the southern state to vote for the BJP in the ongoing General elections, PM Modi said, “The faith and affection towards the BJP and me has only increased over time. I am here to seek the blessings of the people so that we continue to transform this faith into rapid development. This is why, I urge all the eligible voters in Kerala to turn out and exercise their franchise in support of the BJP during these elections and strengthen our resolve to bring rapid development in Kerala.”
Taking on the regional rivals, the UDF and the ruling LDF for their ineffective policies and rampant corruption, PM Modi said, “Only the BJP can ensure social justice for every group in Kerala. Everybody has seen how the UDF and LDF are threatening the traditions and religious practices of the people here while they indulge in corruption, bribery and other illegal activities. Can anyone forgive the Congress for the humiliation and suffering it gave to Mr. Nambi Narayan, whose entire career was destroyed by the false allegations of the Congress. This is the true face of these parties, they are not people-centric, they are ‘family-centric’ instead.”
“These elections will determine if India will create the rules or simply follow them. These elections are about the aspirations of New India,” Shri Modi said.
The Prime Minister criticised the CPM and Congress for using violence and hatred as a political tool in Kerala. He also said that India’s friendships with the Gulf nations are stronger than ever before and it is benefitting the people of Kerala and expatriates from the state. The Government has taken several initiatives for the welfare of the Non-Resident Indians.