Goan Catholic Priest bares his poisonous fangs: Calls Amit Shah a "demon" and says Manohar Parrikar's invited "wrath of God"
The election season is bringing out the true nature of fanatic elements in the Church. In the videos that have gone viral over the last 2 days, Father Conceicao D'Silva, a Catholic priest in Goa has been caught abusing Late CM of Goa Shri Manohar Parikkar, BJP President Amit Shah along with spreading hate against the BJP citing unsubstantiated allegations against the party. In a blatant political speech, the priest urges people not to vote for the BJP.

Father Conceicao D'Silva of Raia Church in Goa whose anti-BJP tirade has gone viral  
The viral video clearly shows that Father Conceicao D'Silva speaking from a podium in the Church and addressing a mass. It has been learnt that the Church from where the priest is heard delivering his poisonous sermon is the Raia Church in South Goa. In the video he is heard saying, "Some are running after BJP, but think of your kids. BJP people poured petrol on children and burnt them alive. This is the BJP." He later says Modi has bought all channels and not to pay any heed to whatever is shown on TV news. He then says that late Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s death due to pancreatic cancer was the wrath of God for trying to cancel government holidays linked to the Catholic faith. He further says that those who cross the path of God are bound to be punished, irrespective of whether one is the “PM or the PM’s father”.
In another clip that is being shared online, the same priest is heard pouring more bile on BJP. He is heard urging the Catholics not to vote for the BJP for the alleged atrocities committed on minorities by the party in Gujarat. He asks them not to vote for the BJP and if they do vote for the party they would face God's retribution. He also says that BJP harasses minorities as the party is led by a "demon", in a oblique reference to the BJP National President Amit Shah.
BJP Complains to the EC
The state BJP has filed a complaint with the Election Commission against Father D'Silva. In its complaint, the BJP has charged D'Silva with hate speech inside the Church premises and for fanning communal tension during the poll season. The complaint urges the EC to conduct a thorough investigation and book the priest for spreading hate and destabilizing religious harmony of Goa. Though a formal reply from the Election Commission is yet to be released, the Chief Electoral Officer of Goa has told the media that the complaint has been forwarded to the South Goa Collector to conduct an inquiry into the matter