For a New Dawn
The path-breaking electoral alliance of BJP-AIADMK and other regional forces hopes to usher in a new era in Tamil Nadu political history
Srinivasan V
We are all Indians first. And then Tamil, Telugu, Kannadiga, Odiya, or Bengali, etc comes later. Instead of encouraging and supporting these ideals, almost all Dravidan parties and their affiliates incite our passions that “We are Tamils. Tamils are special. And Tamil culture is the greatest etc. in an effort to achieve their political agenda. Right-thinking people in Tamil Nadu have not yet forgotten that Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), and one of its founders, C N Annadurai, fought for a separate Tamil Nadu to begin with. Even now, they talk of ‘Manila Suyatchi’ whenever it suits them politically.
PM Narendra Modi along with his coalition partners in Chennai 
Tamil is a classical and ancient language. There is no doubt about it. Tamil is spoken widely, not only in Tamil Nadu but also in countries like Sri Lanka, Malayasia, Singapore, South Africa and so on. We are proud of such a great language. Any language which is ready to assimilate changes, will survive and grow, for sure. However, Dravidian parties project an image as if they were the sole Guardian of Tamil language and that if it were not for them, Tamil would have been forgotten long ago. Today, Dravidian parties don’t talk about people who made great contribution to the greatness of Tamil language such the legendary poet Subramanya Bharathi, Shri U. Ve. Swaminatha Iyer, as it does not suit them politically, anymore. They are afraid that if people in Tamil Nadu learn other languages such as Hindi or Sanskrit, they may not be able to hold sway over them. Their pro-Tamil, anti-Hindi and anti-Brahmin stands are a logical extension of their fears. We all know how youngsters from Tamil Nadu, when they go in search of job opportunities in other states, struggle to communicate with other people, as they are not encouraged to learn Hindi back home in Tamil Nadu.
The Kazhagams and their many affiliates have scaled the height of corruption. For common man on the street, the reality is nothing will move in Government offices without paying bribes. For example, the common man finds it difficult to get approval for constructing a new house or getting an electricity connection to his newly-built house. For all these work only when bribe is paid, things will move any further.
Rahul Gandhi and MK Stalin are riding the anti-incumbency wave in Tamil Nadu 
Being Dravidian athiests, Kazhagam and their affiliates insult the majority community (read Hindus) on their places of worship, customs, and rituals, etc. Administration of temples has gone into the wrong hands of non-believing low-caste Hindus. People, mostly Kazhagam sympathizers, who occupy houses and shops that belong to temples, don’t pay rent every month and those who cultivate temple lands, don’t pay the lease money at the end of every harvest. Fallow lands of temples have been encroached upon by Kazhagam sympathizers. Successive State Governments for the past 60 years have turned a blind eye to all these irregularities. Under these circumstances, temples do not have sufficient funds, even though they may own properties and therefore are in poor condition.
  • We were able to protect our ancient temples from outside Muslim invaders like Allaudin Khilji, but will we able to protect our temples from the modern day invaders, the Kazhagams and their affiliates
     The Dravidan parties are the original inventors of bribing voters in the form of freebies, cash, etc. and are experts in implementing the same successfully without getting caught red-handed by the Election Commission
The State Governments never tried to protect the legal right of temples. People are concerned that if this trend continues, we may not be able to protect our great heritage – great temples, and places of worship with marvelous architecture that have withstood the ravages of time for thousands of years – for our future generations. Because of their callous attitude, ancient panchaloha idols of Gods and Goddesses from many temples have been looted. To arrest and punish the culprits, the High Court has appointed a retired IPS Officer, Shri Pon Manickavel, to investigate the matter. However, here also the Government didn’t co-operate with Manickavel.
We were able to protect our ancient temples from outside Muslim invaders like Allaudin Kilji, but will we able to protect our temples from the modern day invaders, the Kazhagams and their affiliates among our midst? We expect the rulers to be neutral but are the Kazhagams and their Governments really neutral to treat people belonging to different religions and castes alike? DMK leader MK Stalin now says that they are not against any religion, even though the common man in the street is smart enough to see through his deceit to fool the people for electoral gains.
Many of Kazhagam affiliates claim openly that they fight for the rights of low castes people and indulge ‘kap panchayat’ too. Some outfits that derive support of the Kazhagams either directly or indirectly, indulge in violence or protests, vandalizing public properties, opposing developmental activities like building nuclear power plants, laying of roads for better connectivity, development work, extracting natural resources like petrol, gas, and arouse anti-national sentiments in the name of Tamil language, Tamil pride, Tamil culture, etc. We all have seen how the anti-Sterlite protest turned violent leading to the shoot out. They file cases against the Government and its developmental activities in courts and try to delay the welfare schemes to suit their political ends. It is important to unmask who are really behind them and what has been their motive.
Kazhagam and their affiliates always project as if they were really fighting for the welfare of Sri Lankan tamils. They take up Sri Lankan Tamil causes whenever it suits them politically. While DMK had been in power in the State, with Congress at the Centre, and AIADMK in power, were they able to resolve the Sri Lankan Tamil crisis? The reality is that Kazhagams are able to make no impact either by themselves or with the help of the Centre to do anything about Sri Lankan Tamils. The noise they have been making, of late, about the release of the seven Sri Lankans who were involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is nothing but a drama to be played before election.
Farmers are unable to do any cultivation due to non-availability of water in Cauvery. In fields where three times cultivation was done earlier, now farmers are finding it difficult to do even one time cultivation in a year. De-silting has not been done for decades in the water bodies like ponds, canals, and dams, and many water bodies have been illegally encroached upon by supporters of Kazhagams. Sand is looted from water bodies by supporters of Kazhagams. No new dams, or check dams were constructed during their rule. Tamil Nadu is blessed with a long coastline. In view of severe shortage of drinking water, how many desalination plants they have installed during their over sixty years in power?. During election times, they used to claim that they would transform Chennai into ‘Singara Chennai’ along the model of Singapore. People of Tamil Nadu know how far this has become true.
Once upon a time, South India, especially Tamil Nadu, was known for the quality of its education. It used to produce high quality IAS and IPS officers. The quality of education and teachers have gone down so drastically. It has come to such a level that we fight for exemption from NEET entrance test. How many States fought for exemption from NEET test in the country? Don’t be surprised if they allow students to go to the next class even if they just appear for the exams, in the coming years, and project this as their achievement for the future and welfare of the student community!. When political interference, and bribes are the norms right from the appointment of primary school teachers to very senior positions in Universities, how can we improve the standards of education? How many educational Institutions and Universities of international repute, which fall within 25 world ranking have been established during their rule?
Let’s see what they had achieved during their golden rule of over sixty years in Tamil Nadu.
The State, streets, and many institutions have been named in beautiful Tamil. It is impossible to find any village, which doesn’t have a few streets named after Dravidan leaders like Periyar, Annadurai, MGR, and Karunanidhi. In the same way, it is very difficult to find any village in Tamil Nadu where we will not find a statue of any of these Dravidan leaders. In each and every street we can find many of the Dravidan party flags flying high. One of their innovative campaigning is erecting huge posters, cut-outs, banners of their leaders.
inconveniencing the traffic and movement of public. A very clear example for their administrative acumen is now Tamil Nadu is reeling under a debt burden of over four lakh crores. The Dravidan parties are the original inventors of bribing voters in the form of freebies, cash, etc. and are experts in implementing the same successfully without getting caught red-handed by the Election Commission. Therefore to meet our man power requirements, we are required to bring in workers from other States. Same Dravidan parties who have been responsible for this predicament, are now staging protests wearing black dresses, holding black flags, and shouting that people from Hindi-speaking States have snatched away the jobs from Tamils!. Dravidan parties have also invented that one can bring in huge number of people for meetings, conferences, by enticing people with cash, biryani, liquor, and free transportation. We don’t have to scratch our head to find out which party one belongs to, just look at the border of the dothi they wear, and we can guess it easily. For example, if it is red and black he may belong to DMK, and if it is red, white, and black, then he may belong to AIADMK.
If anyone questions them why they have not been able to improve upon the quality of life of the people substantially, inspite of being in power for over sixty years, chances are that they may divert the blame on the Centre saying the facist, dictatorial, anti-secular, anti-minority Central Government has not been releasing immediately whatever funds they have been demanding for.
We had given a pretty long rope to the various Dravidan outfits, and had seen what kind of rule they are capable of providing. Time has come now for our self-introspection. In the forthcoming coming elections – both for the State and the Centre – please do not sell your precious votes for the sake of a few thousand rupees. Please analyze thoroughly the contesting candidates irrespective of any party and caste, check their background, history, whether their hands are clean, whether we can trust them to do good to the nation and therefore to us, they are not likely to keep the party and power within the same family, etc. and then choose the best candidate accordingly. Because the State had lagged behind in development for over sixty years, now we have to get up, clean up the mess created, get back into the track quickly, and run faster than others to reach the post first.
(The is a writer based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu)