Muslim Professor creates India’s first Cyber library on PM Modi

Narendra Modi News Library, an interactive portal on PM Modi was created by Prof. Shabahat Husain (retd) of AMU
While many intellectuals have branded PM Narendra Modi as being anti-Muslim, here is Muslim Professor from the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) who has created a portal dedicated to PM Modi, his work, life and times.
Narendra Modi News Library, an interactive portal for current and retrospective news is run by a retired professor of AMU Prof. Shabahat Husain. The portal is a repository on PM Modi and provides information pertaining to the Prime Minister using the content that is available in public domain along with its source. One can find almost all his speeches, talks and engagements on the portal.
Prof Shabahat, the brain behind this portal, spoke to Organiser and elaborated on the idea and need for such a portal. Responding to a query on why he chose PM Modi from an array of leaders, Prof Shabahat says that Shri Narendra Modi has risen on the political horizons of India as the most popular leader in the present era. He believes that PM Modi is a man with a world vision and strong conviction and one who truly wants to fulfil the aspirations of the common Indian masses. His huge fan following on social media reflects his fame and the faith people of India and elsewhere in the world have in him, elaborates Prof. Shabahat.
With this in mind, he designed and developed a cyber library called ‘Narendra Modi News Library: An Interactive Portal for Current & Retrospective News’. Being the curator of the website himself, Prof. Sabahat proudly says that such a website was the need of the hour for common people to know more about Modi and his work. The portal is the first effort of its kind dedicated to any political leader, not only in India but also in the whole world.
Elucidating the purpose of the portal, Prof. Shabahat says that it is designed to serve twin purposes.
  1. To bring together PM Narendra Modi's policies, plans, speeches (both national & international), tweets, books and articles on him, on a single platform.
  2. To immediately update his fans and followers about the latest news, actions, plans pertaining to Shri Modi.
The home page of the cyber library contains our national flag on one side and that of the BJP on the other. Below these flags are two important quotes of PM Modi: “Sab ka saath, sab ka vikas" and “Prefer books over bouquets”. News about PM Modi is made available on the portal through ‘Google news in English/Hindi' and the same is archived for later reference.
The retired professor says that PM Modi has always stood for development and this is reflected in his statement “Quran and computers must go together”. The PM has never been anti-Muslim as few propagate as Shri. Modi has made it clear by stating that “The fight against terror is not waging war against Islam” several times in various forums in India and abroad, says Prof. Shahabat in conclusion.
When asked about the propaganda spread by few intellectuals and certain sections of the media that Modi is anti-Muslim, Prof. Shabahat categorically rejects these charges and says, “During his first term as Prime Minister of a Secular India, he has stood by his words. Even during the time of certain crisis, he always sided with the victims and lambasted those who took law into their hands”, says the professor as he corroborates his stance on PM Modi. He further says that the unfortunate incidents of mob lynching and beating of Kashmiri youths in UP and elsewhere are but a few isolated examples which should not be used to tarnish our PM’s image.