HD Kumarswamy surpasses Siddaramaiah in Muslim appeasement

HD Kumaraswamy government has silently withdrawn grave cases against rioting Muslims 
The HD Kumaraswamy government seems to have surpassed the shame of Siddaramaiah’s government when it comes to appeasing Muslims for the sake of vote bank but at the cost of law and order of the state. A RTI reply from the Director of Prosecution has revealed that 142 cases many against those who indulged in communal rioting, attempts to murder of Hindus, have been taken back in 3 stages since October 2018. These cases were under various stages of judicial scrutiny in the sessions and JMFC courts. Such cases are usually withdrawn by the state governments only in consultation with both the parties and only if no one objects to the withdrawal of the cases. But it has come to light that the HDK government has resorted to unilateral action without consulting the aggrieved party. Moreover, in anticipation of public backlash, the Kumaraswamy government has ensured that its shameful act stays out of media scrutiny. No press release or reasons have been given over the withdrawal of these grave cases.
In December 2014, a large group of Muslims had attacked a group of Hindu devotees at Ulaibettu in Mangaluru who were on their way to Datta Peetha in Chikmagalur district. Stones were pelted on the Hindu devotees and many were injured.Enraged Hindus had took to the streets to protest. In retaliation Muslims had stoned Hindu places of worship and ransacked Hindu homes. Vehicles and shops were burnt by the Islamists. A lady and her young daughter who were traveling in an auto were also not spared and the group had even tried to outrage their modesty.
The police kept the situation from spreading to other parts of the district after the arrest of the masterminds of the attack on the Hindu devotees.Khalid alias Koya (24), a resident of Saleh Jumma Masjid in Ulaibettu, who had planned and executed communal disturbances in Ulaibettu was arrested along with his accomplices.They faced grave charges of attempt to murder, dacoity and disturbing communal peace. Cases against these Islamists are also among those that have been withdrawn by the HDK government.
Likewise, cases were filed against Muslims who had caused trouble during the Hindu Samajotsav in 2015 in Uppinangadi near Mangaluru. Those arrested were charged with disturbing communal peace, murderous attack and carrying illegal weapons. In 2016, Islamists had caused riots and ransacked parts of Kalaburgi city in North Karnataka when Qamar Ul Islam was removed from the Siddaramaiah cabinet.
A total of 142 such cases that had been filed under 143, 147, 148, 341, 427, 354 and 324 sections of the IPC at various police stations in Mangaluru and other cities have been taken back by the HD Kumaraswamy government in a bid to appease the minority community.