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India’s Space Power
Apropos (Harnessing Shakti with Bhakti), Organiser, April 7, 2019 the editorial was all about Shakti, the Power. Without Shakti, one remains a perennial underdog in the comity of nations, especially when one is constantly surrounded by a devious neighbour that wants to see one’s back bleeding with a ‘thousand cuts.’ It is not all about perception. It is all about the implementation of the vision. What was deemed by the Congress as “not important” has turned out to be “paramount” for a New Bharat that wants to be counted as equal. With the demonstration of ASAT missile technology, Bharat has sent a clear signal to its adversaries, including a belligerent China, which usually provokes us with anti-India taunts, but chose to react with guarded caution, in the light of India unprecedented success in its maiden test-firing of A-SAT weapons technology.
Devdas, Kumbakonam
Election to Redefine Indian Democracy
APROPOS (The Elections for Future Bharat), Organiser, April 7, 2019, it would be no exaggeration if we were to say, Bharat is at an inflexion point in its political and economic history. With the demonstration of its ASAT capability to the world, it has made an unequivocal statement that India is no more a country of ‘Snake Charmers and half-naked Sadhus’ roaming the streets of Bharat. This is New India that is clamouring to restore its past glory to the world. And in this context, the upcoming elections will be a milestone in the history of Bharat. And Vamdev Shastri (David Frawley) wouldn’t be disappointed with his adopted home, the Naya Bharat.
Gurudas Singh, Chandigarh
Affidavits for LPG Subsidy Subsidy
for LPG is for the families having combined income of rupees ten lakh per annum. Instead of expecting voluntary surrender, the Union Petroleum Ministry should ask to submit affidavits about total family-income to avail subsidy. It will drastically reduce LPG subsidy-burden on the exchequer as many would avoid filing wrong affidavits for subsidy. Net payable price including of all central and local taxes should be rounded in multiples of rupees ten or fifty because delivery-persons never return balance-money. The system will further reduce financial burden on the exchequer. At least LPG can be brought under GST network for uniformity of prices throughout the country. New-look translucent LPG cylinders made of fibre-glass ensuring tamperproof full-load supply of LPG gas per cylinders should replace the old iron-cylinders, and iron-cylinders should be discontinued. SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, Delhis
Punish the culprits of Saffron Terror
APROPOS (Apprehend the ‘Saffron Terror’ Mythmakers), Organiser, April 7, 2019, this is a fact that the term ‘Saffron terror’ has hugely damaged the reputation of the peace-loving Hindus. But what is more unfortunate is that the officials who acted as tools in this crime, who forged the affidavits and tempered the records are still unpunished. Swami Aseemanand has been acquitted by the court but not a single official or politician who is the culprit of the myth of saffron terror has been investigated or punished.
Pragya Deshpande, Kolhapur
Strengthening the Famiily System
APROPOS (Bharatiya Family System), Organiser, March 24, 2019, the resolution passed by RSS ABPS is a welcome initiative for strengthening the Bharatiya family system. According to our ancient Hindu literature, the first phase of life is called Brahmacharya Ashram fully devoted to education. The next phase is Grahstha Ashram to lead a virtuous life, which is possible only if the first phase is also ideal. But the first phase of life is being damaged due to growing western influence. We should avoid co-education. Even the British did not promote co-education because they had some respect for our culture. But the Congress caused huge damage to the Bharatiya family system by promoting co-education. I am of the opinion that co-education system should be reconsidered.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Stable Food Prices
The extraordinary success of NDA government in maintaining stable food prices over a long period of time vis a vis the runaway food inflation that raged during the UPA period is not being properly projected before the electorate (at least in Kerala) to enable them to take informed decision before votes are cast in the Lok Sabha election. The NDA election managers should make amends before it's too late.
P. Ramachandran Nair, Kochi