“It was a daring, well-planned, and meticulously delivered air strike”
Col. KD Segan 
It has been a daring, well-planned and meticulously delivered air strike. The element of surprise was maintained till the end. Kudos to Prime Minister and the IAF. India has multiple options against Pakistan. First option India has is to mobilise world opinion against Pakistan. The world has seen through the eyes of India that Pakistan is the hatchery or haven where the terrorists are sheltered and trained for the activities that the world abhors.

Next option is to stop pandering to the so-called minorities, especially Kashmiris. Let them work to earn and avail the provisions and privileges at a cost just like the rest of the citizens. Abolish Article 370 and its amendments.
Another option is to keep dominating LoC and such targets along or beyond the LoC with continuous harassment and firepower supremacy. India can afford it and Pakistan can ill-afford. Choke the natural resources, which have been flowing into Pakistan with India's generosity. Let them feel the pinch and pain and beg for it. Then give the concession.
Last option as a rule of thumb, we must not forget that Pakistan has an innate trait of hatred coupled with violence against Bharat in general and Hindus, in particular. So, keep giving jolts (in army parlance 'kicks') every 10 to 15 years. They provoke us to do so and 'we must oblige them'. The present government showed the will and the way and IAF did the rest. Indians are expected to do the same should such emergencies arise.