Peace Through Three-Front War
Yes, we are a peace-loving country, and as a nation, we have always shown restraint in dealing with the notorious neighbour called Pakistan. Now enough is enough is the crying call and fortunately, the Government and Armed Forces have acted as per the expectations of the people. The response to the Pulwama terror attack is a paradigm shift in many ways, and we need to understand it before standing firmly behind the national resolve. There are peace apologists and naysayers who came out to score browny points and play their political tricks even on the issues of national security. What we should accept is that the war has been on for a long time and now we are in a position to set the rules of the game in this three-front war.

Pakistan has been indulging in proxy war, and terror outfits created, funded and used by the theocratic, military-ruled state have been used to bleed Bharat every now and then. This was the convenient strategy evolved by the military rogues when they realised their deficiency to fight in the conventional war. Bharat, many times, looked with very little options than taking some punitive actions within the borders and passing on the dossiers internationally. After the nuclear tests, the nuclear blackmail by Pakistan also carried away the International community from the concerns related to terrorism. The Balakot air strike has broken all that.
Through the punitive action against the Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps deep inside Pakistan, Bharat has disrupted this conventional response. The proxy-war can be responded militarily, and the international community would stand by Bharat in such a non-military offensive exercise is the clear message that is delivered. It is not just a military but also a great diplomatic success and tight slap on the face of mischief makers who keep on questioning the foreign trips of the political leadership. The armed forces and para-military forces will take care of any misadventure by Pakistani military as we have seen with the shooting down of an F-16 fighter jet and destroying of enemy posts on the border.
The second front is in the Kashmir-valley which is equally important. The voices that have been acting as extended arms of Pakistan are quarantined, and the trained terrorists are being eliminated. The so-called mainstream political voices are also being exposed in the process. The hotline system identified and purged from the residence of Mirwaiz Farooq has exposed his ‘moderate’ mask. There is a need to clear the disinformation campaign going on for decades in Jammu & Kashmir to create space for the nationalist voices. This simultaneous action will ensure peace and development in the long run.
The third front of war is more critical and difficult to handle, but it is also time to take it head on at this juncture. The pro-Pakistan voices who are ashamed of condemning Jihadi-terror perpetrated by Pakistan but take pride in peace-mongering, are the biggest supporters of the proxy-war. They would abuse armed-forces, wish for breaking up Bharat into pieces, fight morally and intellectually for Jihadists and Maoists and discredit all actions by the political leadership, and after all this, they would carry the peace flags. They are also coming out of their rat-holes in the process, and they need to be countered and nullified both intellectually and strategically.
To ensure peace and prosperity in Bharat, we have to fight this Dharmayuddh, the righteous war, on all the three fronts. For that the united front of the nationalist voices without distracted by the propagandists within or outside the country is critical.