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Delicious Pun
Apropos (The Holy Festival of Democracy), Organiser, March 24, 2019, I loved the pun you placed on the word ‘holy’, as you used it very effectively to bring out the ethos of our democracy as well the beauty of Holi. What a delicious pun! On hindsight, it looks both are really fun to have. Every year a Holi and once in five years, Holy Democracy, though we cannot afford to have election every year, unlike Holi.
Devdas, Kumbakonam

Incredible RSS!
APROPOS (Move Ahead with Courage, Imagination & Enthusiasm), Organiser, March 24, 2019, the resolution passed by RSS ABPS-2019 to protect Bharatiya family system is very timely step. It needs no elaboration that the Indian family system is being hit from all sides. If this institution is ruined, it would be the greatest loss to humanity. The call to celebrate 550th Prakash Parva of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji, centenary of the martyrdom of Jalianwala Bagh and 75th anniversary of Azad Hind Sarkar are also welcome steps.
Rajesh Sharma, New Delhi
Comparing two PMs
APROPOS (A Paradigm Shift), Organiser, March 10, 2019, the masterly dexterity shown by Narendra Modi in dealing with world nations and isolating Pakistan post-Pulwama is incomparable. One cannot help contrast the same with what Indira Gandhi could be able to manage diplomatically during the 1971 war with Pakistan. Pakistan was then successful in isolating India in world forum so much so that the United Nations General Assembly censured us 102 to 2 for ‘attacking Pakistan’. It was only Bhutan that stood by us. Even Russia, with whom Indira had signed a friendship treaty only a couple of months ago, abstained. Indira could not explain to the world the massive war crimes that Pakistan had committed in its Eastern part. But Modi has been successful in neutralising even the best friends of Pakistan—Saudi Arabia and China. And 14 out of 15 UN Security Council members have been running ahead of us in an effort to contain Pak-borne terrorism. Even the 57-member OIC has been harsh on it, while in 1969 at its inaugural session at Rabbat, Morocco, Pakistan had been able to get Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad returned unceremoniously back to India. India under Modi has gained impressive diplomatic victories not even dreamt of during Indira’s times.
Ajay Mittal, Meerut
Mocking ‘Jai Hind’
It is surprising that an advisory, issued by Air India for its crew to say ‘Jai Hind’ after announcements, has been politicised and has been targeted with jibes and trolls sadly mocking at the very slogan that was considered as the ‘mantra’ bonded to the hearts and lips of our freedom fighters and national leaders who fought for Independence. History has it that the term was coined by Major Abid Hasan Safrani, a close aide of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and used by Netaji's ‘Indian National Army’ as a shortened version of ‘Jai Hindustan Ki’. It was popularised by Chembakaraman Pillai, a great freedom fighter. The term was adopted by free India as national slogan of the country. M PRADYU, Kannur
Nation First
People have seen ‘No-Action Government’ during UPA. Terrorists and Pakistan thought Bharat will never attack after terrorist strike and at most it may cancel some cultural and sports events. That is what happened during Congress rule. The Balakot air strike has shocked Pakistan and the terrorists. When the whole world welcomed Indian action, surprisingly the parties like Congress, TMC, AAP and others wanted proof of our military action. It is time to make stringent laws to punish whoever talks against the Nation, whoever question national security, whosoever desires to please enemy nations.
Compile the Articles in Book Form
APROPOS (Rhetoric of Feminism and Hindu Womanhood), Organiser, March 10, it was a wonderful and very well written an educative article highlighting the role of indigenous women in the ancient as well as the modern era and various measures afterwards taken by the society for their protection from invaders. Last year too, on women day special all articles were informative and worth reading. I think all such articles should be complied in a book form highlighting the role of indigenous women of different parts of the land, various changes and viz a viz imported women liberation movement concepts from Western Europe and Americas.
Dr. Sukesh Sharma, Chandigarh