The contest is between a decisive government and an indecisive past: PM Narendra Modi at Meerut rally

BJP Government has shown courage to carry out surgical strikes on land, sky and space, says PM Narendra Modi at a mega rally at Meerut today
Launching the BJP's election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his government has shown that it is ready to take prompt decisions to ensure safety and security of the nation. “This chowkidar has shown the courage to carry out the surgical strike, be it on land, in the sky or space,” said PM Modi while speaking at a mega rally at Meerut today.
Taking a dig at Congress, Shri Modi said that from Nehru and Indira Gandhi's time people hear them talk about Gareebi hatao, even today, after generations have passed. “You see the Congress still make the same false promises to mislead you. Though there is a lot still to be done, we have taken a few initiatives to eradicate poverty and have already implemented them. More needs to be done, but at least now you know who has done and who have misled you in the past,” he added.
The contest is between a "a decisive government and an indecisive past", Shri Modi said. “Nation has seen many governments that raised slogans. It has for the first time seen a government that takes prompt decisions,” he said.
Addressing the gathering, PM Modi said he would present his government’s report card in the coming days. “I will give an account of my work but at the same time seek an account from my opponents. Sabka hisab hoga, baari baari se hoga, tabhi to hisab barabar hoga (Everyone will be accounted for, one by one, only then justice will be served),” PM Modi said.
Targeting the alliance forged by the Samajwadi Party, the Rashtriya Lok Dal and the Bahujan Samaj Party, Shri Modi formulated an acronym “SaRaB” (liquor). He urged the voters to “Stay away from ‘SaRaB’ in the election for the good health of Uttar Pradesh.”