Instill the Spirit of Patriotism in Students
Kurukshetra: “Focusing on research and study to generate new knowledge and transferring the ancient wisdom to the younger generation by connecting that knowledge to modern needs should be our objective,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, while addressing the general body meeting of Vidya Bharati on March 17 at Geeta Niketan Residential School campus.

Shri Dattatreya Hosabale addressing the general body meeting of the Vidya Bharati in Kurukshetra 
Shri Hosabale stressed the need to instill the spirit of patriotism in students to motivate them to join hands in national reconstruction. He said the Vidya Bharati works for the society with the support of the society.
Former president of Vidya Bharati Dr Govind Prasad launched the mobile application of the Vidya Bharati. He said education gives a direction to human life. That is why the centre point of education should be the nation.
Joint secretary of Vidya Bharati Dr Madhushri Sanjeev Savji said the education process should be based on 80 per cent feelings and 20 per cent wisdom. The teachers should be skilled in a way that they motivate the students to touch new heights in life. In such progress, timely counselling plays a key role.
Newly elected president of Vidya Bharati Dr Ramkrishna Rao said learning and teaching are life-long process. Following global trends, the teachers should focus on their basic subjects. Instead of merely providing information to the students we need to impart value education to them. We have to skill them in a way that they are developed as ideals in the society.