Pakistan, a vassal of China
China’s covert and overt support to Pakistani military in blatant defiance of the world opinion on terrorism is deeply centred on its overweening ambition of not only humiliating Bharat but also snubbing western democratic powers like the US
Rati Hegde
With the People’s Republic of China vetoing for the fourth time, India’s attempt to declare Pakistan’s Masood Azhar as a terrorist, we are yet again back to square one. The Congress, as usual, has called it a failure of the Modi Government, as if they would have pulled it off. The Congress is clutching at straws to show Modi Government in poor light, but what is not being highlighted sufficiently is that the Congress is showing its support to China and not to Pakistan. Surprised? Read on …

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan with Chinese President Xi Jinping 
Anyone who has been to Kailash Manasarovar in Tibet will know what China does to the territories it captures. It brings it under its dominion. The Tibetans do not like the fact that China oppresses them politically. Culturally, Tibet has its unique language, culture and religious practices from the Mainland Han Chinese. This is why China tries to obliterate every sign of their culture and heritage of the Tibetans.
  • Pakistan is now completely dependent on China for completing their main infrastructural projects of road and port building. They are now the new vassals of China 
  • Pakistan is controlled by their military, and it is they who make their policies. Their Military in turn also controls the Terrorist organisations emanating from that country
In contrast, the Tibetans stay steadfastly true to their distinct identity. This resulted in their religious head the His Holiness Dalai Lama taking refuge in Bharat. So all through these years, China has shown its displeasure every time the Dalai Lama is honoured by the Bharatiya Government or every time he visits areas which China considers disputed territory—for example, the visit of the Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh.
India National Congress(INC) Vice President Rahul Gandhi met Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui on October 19, 2016 during Dolkam face-off 
If one were to go to Manasarovar, one would be shocked at the fact that there are no toilet facilities for the visiting pilgrims. Slowly one realises that it is not just the Bharatiya pilgrims who are being treated as if favour has been done on them – it is also the Tibetan who is made to feel every day that just being allowed to live there is a favour that the Communist Government is doing on them. The signboards on the roads and shops are in Chinese. The signboards with the Tibetan language on them are old, broken or have the paint peeling off. It looks as if the Tibetan language is treated as a pariah. Tibetans, who are the original residents, live almost like paupers. The bus drivers, the shopkeepers, the military are all Chinese. The areas where people from mainland China live have better roads, water, electricity and facilities for sports, schools, etc. The stark contrast between the Tibetan residential areas and the Chinese residential areas shake you. Despite all this, the Tibetans greet you with their praying wheel and a smile on their face.
China again blocks bid at United Nations to list Masood Azhar as global terrorist 
Of late, China has become notorious for its ‘debt-trap’ economy—giving loans for infrastructural development to other countries, with very harsh payback terms. If the country which has taken the loan is not able to pay back in time, which is something that almost always happens, China lays claim to strategic territory in those countries. Our very own neighbours like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and others have learnt this the hard way. China is indulging in a new form of colonialism via money lending and developmental activities. This fact has called for a sharp reaction from the Western world too, which seemingly is unable to do anything about it. In fact, what is cringe-worthy is the blind eye they show when Muslims are ruthlessly controlled in China. Headlines scream, “China is treating Islam like a Mental Illness” and not one Islamic country bats an eyelid. The torture of Uyghur Muslims is known to the whole world, including Pakistanis, and yet, Pakistan chose to be friendly with China and allow them to make inroads into their country. Why? The answer lies in the money trail. It is a fact that the whole of Pakistan is controlled by their military and it is they who make their policies. Their Military in turn also controls the Terrorist organisations emanating from that country. Like how in our country, the lust for money (commissions) and power made our previous Government take decisions which were harmful to our country and her people, the lust for money and power by the Military in Pakistan made them take decisions which were harmful to their country.
People in Bharat have reacted to China’s action on Masood Azhar by claiming that one day China will learn about Pakistan’s lies and they will turn towards Bharat, but I think that the reverse will be true. One day Pakistan’s people will realise their grave error and will turn towards Bharat for help. Already reports say that China has brought in its people for all the projects and they use the local Pakistani’s only for labour work. This is not surprising. Reports also say how the Chinese people have their localities in Pakistan, which are better equipped and more luxurious than the areas where the locals live. I am sure that these reports are accurate especially after observing the areas around Kailas Manasarovar. A few months back there were reports of how Chinese employees beat up local Pakistani people and it was the locals who were jailed/ punished for the same. Take a look at ... Not surprising, when you realise that China now controls a lot of the money flow of Pakistan.
Pakistan is now wholly dependent on China for completing their main infrastructural projects of road and port building. They are now the new vassals of China. The Pakistan Government has also started encouraging the use of the Chinese language. The Pakistani Senate passed a resolution for “official Chinese language” courses to be launched for everyone involved with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), to reduce “communication barriers”. It won’t be long before the new ports and airports are entirely managed, nay, governed, by China. The Chinese also have learnt the art of ‘divide and rule’ in their own Tibet, where they have used religious people to pit one against the other. They will use this in Pakistan too, where already Muslims are divided by their own religious beliefs. If anyone thinks that China is protecting Pakistan by protecting Masood Azhar, they are mistaken I feel. China wants terrorism to thrive in Pakistan and will work to keep the local Pakistanis poor and in a constant state of conflict. Very much like the British did with undivided Bharat.
Coming to the reactions of the Congress party, it is not a secret that their President Rahul Gandhi has visited top Chinese officials time and again. Rahul Gandhi had also visited China and details of his visit and talks with the Chinese Government are not privy to the public (other than his reported visit to Manasarovar where it is doubtful whether he had a dip there or circumambulated the Kailas Mountain). Also, most of their vitriolic are reserved to BJP’s reported inability to capture Masood Azhar or to force the world to give him the title of a terrorist. Not one comment of theirs is regarding how terrorism is ruining Pakistan itself or how Pakistan is using military and terror to subjugate the people in POK or Baluchistan. In fact, they have shown their disbelief in the air-strikes and want to see the ‘proofs’. Their sympathy is clearly with the Pakistani Military and with the Chinese influence there. China would hate to see a powerful Bharat, and they have meticulously cultivated their ‘friends’ in Bharat over the years, in the politics, in the Intellectual field and in commerce too. When Congress makes noise over the Rafale deal, do remember that the one who is most interested in knowing details of the deal are the Chinese. The Chinese are yet to recover from the fact that their ‘String of Pearls’ i.e. occupying strategic areas surrounding Bharat, was laid to waste by the Modi Government, through intense Diplomatic and PR skills of Team Modi.
It is time to see to it that Congress is kept away from power and the government once again. We need Team Modi to protect our nation and keep up the pressure on China and Pakistan for the years to come.
(The writer is Mumbai-based columnist)