Establishing a ‘Gunah Tantra’
‘Gantantra’ has been converted into the ‘Gunah Tantra’ in West Bengal under Mamata Bannerjee’s misrule
Asim Kumar Mitra, West Bengal
Shantanu Thakur, grandson of Binapani Devi popularly known as Boro Maa of Matua tribe, has alleged that “his grandmother was murdered and she was not died a natural death”. He demanded proper enquiry so that the truth behind the death could come to the light. Thakur has demanded CBI enquiry in this murder.

Thakur’s allegation was very specific as Mamata Bannerjee had betrayed ‘Maa’ and thereby the whole of Matua Tribe has gone against TMC. Hence, Mamata jumped into the fray and chalked out a plan to eliminate Boro Maa from the scene. This had created huge resentment among the people of Matua tribe.
It is a well-known fact that the Matuas have changed their allegiance from TMC to BJP. Mamata is very much concerned with the problem. The death of Boro Maa has given Mamata a chance to “fish in the troubled water”.
Now the big factor in North Bengal’s Matua is vote. At one stage when Mamata assumed power in West Bengal she had snatched out this group from the hands of CPI(M) as the “bluff master” character of the party has betrayed them time and again. But they had no idea about the character of TMC under the leadership of Mamata as she was nothing different from that of CPM. It was like Matuas were thrown “from frying pan to fire”.
Since Panchayat election, state BJP had concentrated its organisational set up and rigorous organisational training was imparted to the general members under the direct supervision of National President Amit Shah and State President Dilip Ghosh. With this effort, BJP could build up a strong cadre-base organisation among Matuas. So, when Shantanu Thakur had alleged that the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had clandestinely taken ailing Boro Maa to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata for her treatment and he further alleged that they were not even allowed to see her in the Hospital.
On the other hand, Peerzada of renowned Furfura Sharief Twaha Siddique, who was at one time great admirer of Didi, is now convinced that she is doing dirty politics with the sentiment of Matuas. In one of his recent speeches, he has assured the public that “do not rest assured that the Muslims of West Bengal are going to support or for that matter vote for the TMC. But the fact remains that in the day time they of course, speak in favour of TMC, but during polling time their votes will go to BJP.”
Siddique said, “So long Mamata Banerjee started taking action against CPM and Congress. In her open speeches she abused both CPM and Congress and said that both the parties would be put cremation ground so that they could not get any chance of resurrection. But surprisingly enough Mamata did not utter a single word of cremating BJP for the simple reason that they want to keep BJP alive as they had chalked out a plan to show BJP as a virulent enemy of Muslims just to attract their votes and defeat the BJP in the election.”
In this connection one should keep in mind that the votes of Matua tribe are controlling the fate of at least two Parliamentary seats for which Mamata cannot take any chance. Although Mamata Banerjee kept no stone unturned to establish that she is fighting for restroing ‘Gantantra’ (public system) because (in her own language) Modi Babu has completely demolished the democratic norms. But according to Bharati Ghose, the rusticated IPS officer of West Bengal and once a blue eyed baby of Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal, under her rule, has destructed ‘Gantantra’ lock, stock, and barrel. Instead she had established ‘Gunah Tantra’ (criminal system) in the State.