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Befitting Reply
Apropos (The Battle for Sustaining Positivity), Organiser, March 17, 2019, there are some elements in the Indian political system who don’t want anything good to happen in the country. They don’t want the people of the country, who have been deprived of fruits of development during the last over six decades, to live a dignified life. Hence, they oppose anything good happening in the country. They are hell bent upon confusing the voters. But I feel the voters of this country are now awakened and they know who is a friend and who is the foe. Hence, they will give a befitting reply to such elements in the upcoming general elections this year.
Ganesh Vadiya, Haridwar
Shut Down Terror Factories
APROPOS (Banned: Roots of Terrorism Addressed) Organiser, March 17, 2019 was an interesting read. It has taken long years for this country to ban blatantly anti-national organisations like Jamaat-e-Islami and other terror factories operating in open defiance of all secular and constitutional values of the country! If we had banned these regressive organisations long ago, Kashmir would have been spared much violence and misery to lots of people in the state. Now the country cannot let its guard down, now that these anti-national organisations will strike back with a vengeance with covert and overt support from hardline Islamic extremists abetted by other Islamic lobbies across the country. In a secular country, there is absolutely no room for religion-based organisations that only seek to foment terror and religious divide among people. If the Ghazwa-e-Hind or their Caliphate in India were to be doomed to fail, now is the time for all right-thinking Bharatiyas to stand up and fight for securing their values and traditions.
Devdas, Kumbakonam
OML! Who Moved My Money?
APROPOS (Swindling Church Funds) Organiser, March 17, there are lots of elements in the Christian faith who play ducks and drakes with Church money. What you have portrayed in your magazine, the Holy Mary Church in Kurushekar is only a tip of the iceberg. The Christian organisations, generously funded by the Vatican, have been targeting Hindu Bharat to turn it into a Christian India, for such a long time. The missionaries poach the most backward people under this planet – the poor and illiterate tribals. They never approach the educated Indians. Their only target is poor, illiterate and gullible villagers living on the coastal areas of South Indian states, and the tribal areas of Odisha, Jharkhand, etc.
GL Francis, Kolkata
The Lie War
Apropos (Lie-War to cover up Proxy-War), Organiser, March 17, the next war will be fought in cyberspace. China is already into it. But then the poor Pakistanis don’t have the ‘brains’ to wage the Next War in cyber-space. So, they seem to have been stuck with their time-tested jihad to take on the world’s most populous democracy, Bharat. But the Bhratiyas, who have been mute spectator for about seven decades under a regressive Congress rule, have finally woken up, with the emergence of a Naya Bharat under the wise leadership of our PM Shri Narendra Modi. The recent air strike on Balakot in Pakhtunkhwa province is a clear and loud message to the delusional state, Pakistan. Delusion leads to its total destruction!
Priya Sathey, Mumbai