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Peace through Fourth Front War
Apropos (Peace through Three-Front War), Organiser, March 10, 2019, the editorial is an interesting read. Obviously, there is a Fourth Front too, which you might agree with me. The Fourth Front is more of a holistic approach than real war. It is more to do with waging a kind of jihad – holy war - on pseudo seculars, Lutyen’s Mafia, the urban naxals and the invisible enemy who live amidst us under the veneer of liberalism, and ‘tukde tukde’ gang breeding in and around the JNU and the likes of Jadavpur University in West Bengal. It is time we launch Surgical Strike 3.0 on these nefarious and obnoxious elements as a Fourth Front. Otherwise, the three front war would be incomplete without the Fourth Front.
Niranjan Deb, Kolkata
Enough is Enough
APROPOS (When Hindus are Victims of Minoritism), Organiser, March 10, 2019, it is astonishing to know that ‘majority Hindus’ have been reduced to living like second class citizens in eight states in the country. Thanks to our ‘erudite and wise leader’ Pt Nehru, who went out of his way to appease Muslims so that they can enjoy lion's share of the largesse of the government, it is time to repeal Article 370 and 35A, at any cost, which have caused so much anguish and agony to peace-loving majority, in the country. We can’t understand why we the majority have to pay for their ‘unique’ lifestyle in Kashmir, while the rest of India has to suffer horrendous terror attack in the name of religion. This historical wrong should be righted, now and today, without any delay. Enough is enough!
Govind Singh, Faridabad
India’s Logical Step
APROPOS (A Paradigm Shift), Organiser, March 10, 2019, the IAF airstrike on Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terror camps deep inside Pakistan has finally sent a clear and strong message to Pakistanis that Bharat doesn’t need anyone’s permission or advice to defend its people against terror attack launched by Pakistani terrorists from across the border. PM Modi made an unequivocal statement that Bharat reserves the right to strike at Pakistan, anytime, anywhere, at its own choosing. The Modi Administration no longer believes in submitting ‘actionable’ evidence to the enemy and in the futile exercise of diplomacy. The 26/11 Mumbai attack, the terror attack on Pathankot, and then in Uri yielded absolutely no results. The enemy does not understand diplomatic niceties. He understands only one language - terror. So, India’s logical step is Surgical Strike 2.0 on February 26. The future strikes on the enemy will be more lethal, more damaging and more expensive.
Prem Sharma, Itanagar
Profit Margin in Packaged Milk
Heavy advertisement-expenses are being done for branded milk by famous giants in the sector. All this leads to doubt about extra-ordinary profit-margin on the essential item like milk. There are also talks about the supply of branded milk by different companies that they are supplying packaged milk by processing of imported milk powder. The government agencies should study the milk-marketing in a manner that benefit from competition, advertisement and sales-promotion expenses may be passed on to consumers by the reduction in the price of packaged milk. Companies should also compulsorily print prominently on milk-packs if prepared from milk-powder. Since some popular brands have started gimmick packaging of 400 milli-litres also to look like a half-litre pack, milk should be allowed to be packed only in packs of the half, two and five litres pack abolishing unpopular packs of one and six litres. Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Meaningful Five Years
Apropos (Revolutionary Five Years),Organiser March 10, 2019 the story highlights the five years’ performance of the Modi government. It needs no elaboration that the five years performance of the Modi government has changed the mindset of the people and the bureaucracy towards development. It has touched every section of the society and the fruits of development that have been enjoyed by the countrymen in these five years never happened before during the last over six decades. Even the most neglected areas like the North Eastern states too have witnessed development on a large scale. That is why the young generation is a fan of Modi. It makes every countryman happy that every village of our country is now electrified.
Prithviraj, Delhi