Balakot Exposes Pseudo-Intellectuals
The air strike by PM Modi deep inside Pakistan has globally demolished the illusion about the nuclear armed state. If Indiraji is credited with victory of 1971 war, it is a major global contribution of Modiji after Yoga
Dr. Pramod Pathak
The unprecedented air strike by Indian Air Force on Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror camps at Balakot deep inside Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and Pakistan Air Force’s futile attempt at retaliating against Indian military installations has got the ‘worms’ in Bharat mightily worried. The ‘worms’ are nervous with their ludicrous arguments that only reflect their worst fears and insecurity. In the aftermath of India’s air strike, Pakistan’s nuclear bluff has also come undone, which they had been fooling everyone over the decades.
Why do I call them worms? Worms living inside the guts of a living being fatten themselves by sustaining on juices secreted in the guts. The worms can cause several ailments in the body. While it is possible to search and eliminate the terrorists hiding like worms on the earth, these human worms can’t be attacked from outside. These worms thrive on fear psychosis they generate in the social media and thereby hamper all actions that need to be taken as preventive measures. Its intention here to take on these worried worms and look at the positive perspective of the fall out of the action Bharat has taken by destroying the terrorist establishments inside Pakistan.
The most immediate and positive fallout of the action are, none from Pakistan dared to threaten us over nuclear arms. Pakistan was forced to release Wing Commander Abhinandan under Geneva Convention unconditionally immediately, unlike Nachiketa who was tortured in custody by Pakistan during the Kargil War. That shows what the terror state Pakistan is made of. Not even one OIC member responded to the call by Pakistan to boycott Bharat as a non-Muslim Sushama Swaraj delivered her speech for the first time in the OIC meet in Abu Dhabi.
Exposing the Worms Within
Calling somebody worm is really in a bad taste, but there are too many worms playing the the role of gut worms in social ethos. I am sure I will be called a rabid nationalist and jingoistic. I am accustomed to it over a long time. However, I am not one of the few, but majority of the people in my country are on my side. And mind you, it was neither Modi nor the present Government that was responsible for our people to be provoked. It is Pakistan inciting and actively supporting terrorists. At the same time Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) owned responsibility for the Pulwama attack that left over 40 CRPF jawans martyred and more wounded. It was like a last straw on the camel’s hump. Have these worms held Pakistan sponsored terrorism responsible for the people of Bharat to come to the brink? Who brought the situation of entering Pakistani territory both in 1965 and 1971?

There are many such worms, but no names here as it is not a personal attack. They are supposed to be top ranking intellectuals (?) in our country. They are academics with established credentials within the English newspaper media and of course darlings of TV channels. In The Indian Express article “Good, Bad, Ugly” (March 1, 2019), with reference to Balakot strike, an author writes, “ Whether to turn this also into a journey through dark tunnel was the only moot question. With Balakot India chose to opt for that journey”. According to him, it was “towards attempts to convert the moment into uncontrollable jingoism”. A further comment, “The Prime Minister, who has often failed to distinguish between the responsibilities of statecraft and the compulsions of political partisanship” is nothing but nasty. Of course the strike was a great risk. Calculations could have gone awry. Indiraji took it in 1971. Our armed forces proved their mantle and valour that time. Really speaking the similar action should have been taken after the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Not only our people but even our armed forces then were prepared for all eventualities. But the accidental Prime Minister and Congress leadership which as such was busy with minority appeasement thwarted it simply out of fear complex nurtured in the political leadership by these worms. Not only the armed forces were discouraged, but were made bleed in futile attempts to control terrorism in J&K over the decade and above. They continued to suffer from the thousand cut policy played by Pakistan. None ever objected to the personal security offered to the traitors in J&K who are openly anti-national and continued to get funding from Pakistan to incite youngsters to indulge in stone pelting and obstructing the action against the hiding terrorists. A very pessimistic statement shows the crooked wormy logic. As regards the wording of spokesperson i.e. non-military pre-emptive strike, “was a fine statement, but not enough either to influence the global community or to deter Pakistan from further action” (The Indian Express, March 1). It deliberately ignores the earlier failures of successive governments who went on begging for support from so many groups of nations to rein in Pakistan and to declare Azahar an international terrorist. They even supported the rogue state financially. While Iran could thwart America’s attempts in the Hormuz creek, India had become a laughing stock.
Another ill-conceived statement (The Indian Express, March 2): “India’s domestic imperatives are also double-edged. This government, in particular, seeks domestic validation by taking hard line. This government also uses nationalism as a narcotic.” When people in the country on the whole, except these worms, are agitated over the Uri, Pulwama killings, and long for avenging it, these worms call it a dose of narcotic. Was not the situation in1965 and 1971 similar when our forces had to cross the border? Were then the people of Bharat given the dose of narcotic of nationalism?
Why No Mention of the Achievement
What has been achieved by this strike is not being discussed by these extra-large hearted intellectuals equating nationalism with narcotic. The air strike at Balakot has given severe jolt to both Pakistani army and in particular ISI. Henceforth, these Pakistani establishments will have to search for new grounds to justify nurturing these snakes in their courtyard. Why China stood on the side lines and OIC members boycotted Pakistan? Remember the Rabat meet? Fakruddin Ahmad was then shown door outside. Today with no begging, OIC extends moot support, boycotting Pakistan, the creator of Sunni Muslim nuclear weapon.
This strike has globally demolished illusion about the nuclear armed state. If Indiraji is credited with victory of 1971 war, it is a major global contribution of Modiji after Yoga. We proudly share it with Modiji. Henceforth, any nuclear armed country need not be a scarecrow. World can come out of the nuclear armed delirium and start ignoring it. Release of Wg. Cmdr. Abhinandan has not come just like that. One can perceive the upper hand Imran Khan got over the army establishment in declaring decision to release Abhinandan. Imran must have made them aware of misadventure in that regard. It would further isolate Pakistan and none would heed as Imran goes begging.
Earlier, a laboratory scale testing during surgical strike, many of these worms questioned it. It is now
the successful pilot scale implementation. In future it could be full scale implementation which will result in six to seven countries coming into existence in our neighbourhood. Although these wormy Pundits, intellectuals for whom nationalism is a narcotic, will give no thought to that, let us think how Bharat should orient foreign policy to deal positively with these countries so that they do not become victims of kafirophobia like our current neighbour.