“Indians should not join the Pro-Pakistani propaganda by the Left liberals”
Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi 

 It was a well executed and very professional strike. It is a matter of pride for every Indian. Personal kudos to the Indian Air Force brave fighter pilots who have carried out this strike at Balakot, which was a training camp for JeM.
We have been at war with Pakistan for the last 30 years, because of our peace-oriented lovey of these peaceniks. These have failed to respond. They have failed to protect our citizens. We have suffered 80,000 casualties in this proxy war by Pakistan. 21,000 in Punjab; 45,000 in Jammu & Kashmir; and 15,000 in the cities of India. We have taken it all lying down because of our moral cowardice and turpitude due to Pakistan’s nuclear threat. We were forced to conventionalise the conflict so far. If we had taken them on for the first time, we would have called Pakistan’s nuclear bluff, and now we will call their conventional bluff also. If Pakistan thinks that it can strike at moral equivalent, they can’t. But they have terrorist organisation like JeM as assets of Pakistan army and if it attacks Indian army installations, there will be at least some consequences. Attacking Indian army installations is not some kind of a joke.
Options before India: We have lot of response options. It would not be proper to reveal that now. What I must say is that it has to be of a level in which we have to decide for ourselves of what our national interest is. I am afraid we forget the 80,000 people killed. So, we have to decide if we want one surgical strike or token strike.
The least citizens of India should do is firstly not to join the pro-Pakistan propaganda by the Leftist liberals and scums. We should back our forces when the war is on.