Hindus Betrayed: Devaswom Board Takes U-Turn in SC, Backs Violation of Sabarimala Traditions
Organiser New   09-Feb-2019
 Photo Courtesy: EPS
Both Pinarayi regime and the "Pinarayi-controlled" Thiruvithamkoor Devaswom Board (TDB) betrayed Hindus when the apex court of the country heard the arguments in connection with the review petitions filed with respect to the September 28, 2018 verdict. They betrayed the Hindus by submitting before the court their stand against the revision petitions filed by various Hindu organisations, despite strong agitations, throughout the state, the whole country and the whole world, against the implementation of the SC verdict of September 28, 2018.
Hindus are extremely angry with this blatant betrayal. The Court procedures were three and a half hour long on February 6, Wednesday. Chief Justice directed that the arguments could proceed on the basis of "why should the revision petition be considered".
When the devotees launched massive protests against the GoK for not going ahead with the revision petition and against the draconian and fascist police raj they (GoK) implemented for bringing Maoist, anti-Hindu, atheist and extremist young women to Shabarimala wth shameless police escort with a single point agenda of breaking the temple traditions, both GoK and TDB kept on maintaining that they were merely implementing the SC verdict, clearly due to constitutional obligations. They kept on pleading their innocence.
Meanwhile, TDB had filed a petition before SC seeking more time to implement the court verdict.
When GOK and TDB resorted to a somersault by submitting against the revision petitions Justice Indu Malhotra asked if Board had changed its stand. She was obviously referring to the TDB's earlier petition seeking for more time to implement the September verdict.
Now, the cats have come out of the bags of CPM, GoK and TDB. They were never sincere in their "am innocent" stands when they said that they were not against the devotees but were complying with the constitutional obligations.
Therefore, Hindus feel betrayed. Sabarimala Karma Samithi has called for state-wide protests today, February 8. Samiti's protests are in the form of peaceful 'namajapa yajna'.