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The Resolute Reformer
Apropos (The Law of the Land and not Law of the Mosque should Prevail in the Country), Organiser, February 24, 2019, the candid interview with world famous Imam Tawhidi who has issued fatwa against ISIS is highly educating and particularly an eye-opener for the Indian Muslims who are silently supporting extremism in the name of Islam. What is important for me in the interview is the voice from within for reforms. The Imam perfectly exposes the tragedy and duplicity of Islam.
Rajiv Ramchandran, Hyderabad

THe views of Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi about India should open the eyes of the Indian pseudo seculars who are always found to be tarnishing the image of India at world fora. Imam Tawhidi says, “I believe that India has everything to contribute to humanity and at the same time, I do believe that relationships with India will make countries better countries and make humans better humans.” The young generation of India, which is blinded by the attraction of the West should also read these lines carefully. They have inferiority complex but the world has glorious feeling about Bharat.
Shravan Goel, Jodhpur
Abolish Article 35A & 370
The Government of India has taken practical steps including lifting security cover to separatists, snatching status of Most-Favoured-Nation from Pakistan, increasing custom-duty on imports from Pakistan, giving free hand to the security-forces to tackle militancy, etc. Economic steps on the part of India will virtually destroy Pakistan economically, which is even more critical than war-sufferings. It was indeed shocking that Pakistan never gave India the status of Most-Favoured-Nation. But real remedy lies in abolition of Articles 35A and 370, which will make retired army-persons and others to settle in Kashmir. Setting up of industries in Kashmir then will be economically helpful for Kashmiris. The Centre should motivate the Corporates and MPs for welfare of the families of war-victims. Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Sickular Yardstick
Apropos (The ‘Secular’ Sickness), Organiser, February 24, 2019, the editorial hits the nail on the head. India’s ‘sick’ulars have two ‘yardsticks’ to measure when it comes to decide on offering political and moral support. They always suck up to the Muslims by default. And Hindus don’t deserve anything and that they don’t exist at all on this planet. These elements need to be shown the door for their double standards, no matter what! From the caverns of JNU and AMU – Atankvad Muslim University to Yadavpur University of Kolkata and the Districts of Malapuram, they are spreading like cancer. These are the breeding grounds of extreme intolerant form of Islam!
David Dharmaraj, Chennai
Emergency in WB!
Apropos (From Sarada to Dharna), Organiser, February, 17, 2019, Mamata Banerjee created yet another blunder in supporting Police Commissioner. She claims that she is custodian of poor people. In fact, she seems to be custodian of looters who looted the poor people. She does not want the public to know who looted money. Because of this fear only she is not permitting CBI into the state. Virtually she has declared Emergency in WB and history is witness how people of Bharat have replied the Emergency introducers in the past. The same fate will happen to Mamata.
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru
THE report ‘From Saradha to Dharna’ exposed the current scenario of West Bengal and its leaders. The decision taken by Bengal CM to bestow her police officers with state awards if they were stripped of their medals, following the sit-in issue, by the Centre is really surprising. It is akin to the ruler of a fiefdom conferring medals on gallant soldiers who had taken part in a battle against an enemy country! The action and words of the CM doesn't match that of a matured leader. Another surprising truth is that though these leaders of the alliance talk volumes about federalism they go against federal ethics and faith when things don't go their way. And it is here that Modiji and his team sparkle as gems, ready to spread light for another five years and more, because for them action is more than words.
M Pradyu, Kannur