Friendly Match Turns Deadly
Congress president Rahul Gandhi refrained from blaming the CPM for killings of his party men as his party is in the process of forging 'weddings of convenience' with CPM for the imminent parliament elections
Two Youth Congress workers, Kripesh and Sharat Lal, have been killed in Periya, Kasargod on February 17, 2019. The accused Peetambaran, a former CPM local committee secretary, has been arrested within two days. And, Saji George, the man who had allegedly organised the vehicle for the killers was also arrested after three days.
Peethamabran, a physically weak man with a steel rod inserted in his arm, due to a fracture, is highly unlikely to be a 'lone killer' since the victims were young, energetic and physically capable. The style of murders reminds one the brutal killings of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha leader K.T. Jayakrishnan Master on December 1, 1999, while teaching the 6th standard pupils in the classroom and murder of CPM rebel leader T.P. Chandrasekharan on May 2, 2012. The skull of one of the aforementioned Youth Congress leaders was split into two! Therefore, obviously it was
a team work. Meanwhile, Peetambaran confessed to the police that he carried out the murder under the influence of drugs.
  • CPM commits two more brutal political murders while the Government is celebrating its 1000 days in power. According to the State Crime Records Bureau's statistics, 20 political murder cases have taken place since the LDF regime took over. CPM goons are the accused in 16 of them and 11 of the victims were RSS/BJP workers!
  •  CM Pinarayi Vijayan, also the minister for home portfolio, told the state assembly on June 11, 2018, that twelve CPM sympathisers had been convicted in connection with the T.P. Chandrasekaran murder. He was answering a question raised by the UDF MLA N. Shamsudheen as to how many culprits had been convicted, their names and the names of the parties they belonged to
The people who live near the scence of crime said that there were celebrations in the area after the murders. People wonder what does it mean. The way Kerala high court slammed the state government for its move to release TP murder convict Kunjananthan from the jail with the excuse of his 'poor health' and for the inordinate award of paroles reveal the dark aspects of the thought process and modus operandi of the government. The high court said, if a prisoner is sick, the government is supposed to give him maximum possible treatment. Court also observed that these days prisoners in Kerala jails get excellent medical care.
The responses of the CPM party bosses in Kerala are thought-provoking. State secretary Kodiery Balakrishnan said that "The Periya murders are sans the knowledge of party leadership". Then the question arises: "Is your leadership used to give permission for killings"?
CM Pinarayi Vijayan's response was more interesting: "Those who enjoy at least an iota of elementary knowledge of politics would not carry out murders like this while LDF conducts a political campaign march". People ask, "In other words, would you do it if there is no LDF march"?
Now, LDF celebrates 1000 glorious days in power. According to the State Crime Records Bureau's statistics, twenty political murders have taken place since this LDF regime took over. And, CPM goons are the accused in 16 of them! Eleven of the victims were RSS/BJP men.
The statistics and chronologies of the murder politics in Kerala speak out that CPM is always a common factor. The records since LDF took over underline this fact. This is part and parcel of the history of political violence in Kerala. CPM takes pride in "eliminating" its political enemies even for silly reasons. It is their Stalinist line.
The Congress leadership that observed a vow of silence when the RSS workers were butchered by the CPM goons, is now crying foul over the CPM’s ‘politics of annihilation’ Though the state Congress leadership has strongly criticised the CPM, its national president Rahul Gandhi refrained from blaming the CPM for killings. Rahul condemned the killing in a carefully drafted tweet, without naming the CPM. “The Congress Party stands in solidarity with the families of these two young men & I send them my deepest condolences. We will not rest till the murderers are brought to justice,” he tweeted.
It is again their utilitarian politics. Because, Congress is in the process of forging 'weddings of convenience' with CPM for the imminent parliament elections. Therefore, they did not want to rub CPM on the wrong way. The Congress does not want to antagonise their potential partners! It is the replay of the responses Congress High Command expressed when Youth Congress worker Shuaib was killed, allegedly by CPM men, in Kannur on February 13, 2018.
CPM plays their cards cleverly too. They expelled the murder accused Peethamabaran from the party after his arrest; an image-boosting exercise. His wife has expressed her anger over the party's actions. She believes that Peetambaran has always been a dedicated party cadre. These minor words speak volumes. Later his wife said, she did not have much to talk. Again, carefully worded statement.
RSS Pranth Karyavah Gopalankutty Master and Pranthiya Karyakari Sadasya Valsan Thillankerry visited the families of both victims. The families of both Kripesh and Sharathlal have demanded CBI inquiry into the murders of their children.
Last year when Congress worker Shuhaib was killed, CPM realised that it did not distance them from the minorities. Now, they believe that they have bagged the minority support due to the party's anti-Hindu Sabarimala policy. So they are not bothered about the resentment of Hindus since minority votes are assured. In other words, they are not worried about the loss of Hindu votes due to the murders of two Hindu boys belonging to Youth Congress.
Since CPM controls the police and Congress develops cold feet, the people of Kerala do not believe that the actual culprits will be booked and the involvement of CPM will be exposed.