From Planting IEDs in J&K to Fake News in ‘Quint’essentially Pro-Pakistan Media: Know about Pakistan's Sinister Plot to Foment Unrest in India

Shortly after the formation of the present government in 2014, a trend had begun where the entire secular media blew up certain incidents out of proportions and repeatedly highlighted the same. If any unsavoury incident occurred anywhere in the country involving Dalits, Muslims or Christians, this section of the media would hold the central government responsible and declare them guilty even before any investigation was conducted into these incidents. Now it seems that there was a massive plot behind this viz., Pakistan’s Masterplan - 2016.


Tweet of Pakistan's State Department spokesman Muhammad Faisal on January 06, 2018, through the official handle (@pid_gov), which quoted an article published in Quint to prove that Kulbhushan Jadhav was an officer of the R&AW and a spy. During the hearing at ICJ, the Pakistani lawyer had also quoted the same article in his reply. Is this an alliance with Pakistan or the attitude of The Quint to go against the interests of its countrymen?

As the trial of Kulbhushan Jadhav is going on at the International Court of Justice, you will be surprised to know that Pakistan has found support from several Indian media outlets which it has used to prove that Jadhav was an Indian spy. At the ICJ on Tuesday, Khawar Qureshi, Lawyer representing Pakistan, cited the article of Karan Thapar published in 2017 in Indian Express, another article of Pravin Swamy published in January 2018 in Frontline, and yet another article of Chandan Nandy published in the Quint, to bolster its case against Jadhav and India. This is an example of the outcome of Pakistan's Master Plan in action.

Coming to Pakistan’s Masterplan - 2016, it was prepared by a High-powered committee of the Upper House senate in 2016. Pakistan's Defense Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif, then-Defense Secretary and Adviser to PM Sartaj Aziz, were part of the 13 member committee comprising of senators who prepared the policy guidelines of the plan. included in the committee comprising 13 senators. It was ratified and passed on 4th October 2016 for implementation.

Under this plan, and in view of Modi's strict attitude towards Pakistan, a 22-point agenda was drafted to counter and dislodge him. Raising the Kashmir issue at the international forums and spread canards against India’s so-called human rights abuses in Kashmir were part of the agenda.

But their most sinister ploy was to use India’s fault lines to create and spread anarchy in the country. This included using rifts in caste, religion to cause riots. Their agenda was to instigate Dalits, Muslims, and Christians in the name of Hindutva-RSS and target them too. In order to bring this to effect, their plan was to reach out and gain access to anti-Modi media, NGOs, human right organizations and political parties and seek their help and participation.

Witnessing the turn of events over the last two years, it is evident that Pakistan has implemented its Master Plan in India. As a result, we saw numerous anti-national protests and agitations against the Narendra Modi government in the name of atrocities against Dalits, Muslims and Christians in the country. They were instigated in the name of Hindutva and RSS. Now it is anyone’s guess as to why and how certain sections of the media and the liberal lobby went on an overdrive against Modi government even over small incidents without waiting for any investigation or verification of facts.

It is to be noted that Pakistan itself is not implementing its master plan directly. Instead, it has entrusted the tasks to several international agencies. The plan to involve international agencies and organizations was also devised by the Senate Committee.

After the report of the Pakistani Senate became public, the Liberal-secular journalists will not be able to obfuscate or hide anymore. Now the common people of the country will be able to understand as to who was plotting against India by going through the analysis and biased reporting of several incidents during the last couple of years.

It is in the same Master Plan that the Pakistani Senate had decried the decisions of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka not to attend the SAARC summit held in Islamabad in 2016 and termed it as tragic. However, the Senate had praised Turkey, Iran, China and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the same report.

(Based on news provided by VSK Bharat)