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Ponzi Alliance
Apropos (The Ponzi Alliance), Organiser, February 17, 2019, it struck me strange when I read the editorial. Surely, something is fishy here. Why is Mamata scared of CBI enquiry into Chit Fund scams? What is she hiding in there? How many skeletons are waiting there to tumble out of her cupboards? According to media reports, Rajeev Kumar, the Kolkata police chief, is an expert in browbeating and arm-twisting his adversaries using spy gadgets. Is he privy to some deep and dark secrets of Mamata Banerjee that he can give Didi an awful fright of him? Are there skeletons lying up there in her cupboards than there are ‘paintings’?
Ramchandra Agrawal, Ranchi

Citizenship Bill
Apropos (Liberating the Nation from the Sins of Partition) Organiser, February 17, 2019, the analysis on Citizenship Bill was insightful and made me sad on reading the sorry plight of millions of Indian origin men and women living a life of statelessness in neighbouring Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Lack of effective policy framework to handle the refugee status and the shameless greed of Indian politicians surreptitiously eyeing vote bank politics have only aggravated the misery of these people. Now the question is when millions of Indian origin people are persecuted in these countries on religious grounds, what recourse do these hapless people have other than turn to India in times of their trials and tribulations? As citizens of this great nation, we all have a collective responsibility to help them rehabilitate and rebuild their shattered lives in Bharat!
Omprakash Shukla, Mumbai
Auto update of tariff plans
There is a frequent downward revision in post-paid tariff plans of mobile service providers due to stiff competition. Ever since JIO entered the market, heavy reduction in post-paid tariff-plans has been done by other mobile service-providers. But these companies are looting the customers who are unaware of such revised lower tariff-plans. The TRAI should ensure that mobile service-providers auto-revise tariff-plans in case of introduction of reduced tariff-plans. Also, it should be compulsory to inform the consumers by registered post about revised tariff. The companies should also be directed to release advertisements in largest circulated dailies about revision of the post-paid tariffs. Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Recognising Unorganised Sector
Apropos (Ensuring Inclusive Growth), Organiser, February 17, 2019, the acknowledgement by the Union Finance Minister that 50 per cent of the GDP comes through the sweat and toil of 42 crore workers in unorganised sector is a welcome move. It is perhaps for the first time that the Government has recognised the contribution of the unorganised sector workers in national growth. The Government of India has however extended social security cover to them, these people need more encouragement and support. A minor motivation will energise them to contribute more for the nation.
Ayush Srivastava, Lucknow
Wastage of Energy
Apropos (Surviving the ‘Sickular’ Onslaughts), Organiser, February 17, 2019, the author rightly argues that Sanskrit does not oppose any religion nor does any religion despise it. It is only the liberals and so-called seculars that bare their fangs time and again. The resistance to Sanskrit is stuck in the minds and brains of pseudo-seculars. And it is not for the language’s sake but more for its inherent power to build, hold and expand the real Bharat.
Dr Sanjay Kumar Arya, Moradabad
like ordinary people, the highly qualified judiciary does not understand the difference between Religion and Dharma. Religion is faith or Sampardaya, whereas Dharma is a universal and eternal truth, morality, humanity applicable to all human beings. It is interesting to note that most ancient and authentic book on Ayurveda, the Charak Samhita, believes in rebirth and existence of god. Will the Supreme Court ban its teaching because Muslims and Christians do not believe in rebirth? The Supreme Court is wasting its own time and energy and that of the government by accepting such a useless petition. This also shows narrow-mindedness on the part of those who claim to be liberal and secular.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula