Lynching Continues in Mamata’s Bengal
Left liberals are silent on the brutal lynching of Suman Das who originally belongs to Odisha. There was no candle light protest for him either in Kolkata or in Delhi. Only the poor family members came from Odisha to receive the dead body. A lady was also lynched the next day in the same locality. The houses of BJP workers were attacked in Lavadoha. This is the scene of Bengal, when Mamata Banerjee chose to stage protest in Delhi
Probably the lone death of an Orissa man is not much newsworthy in the world dominated by 24/7 media houses which thrive on peddling fake news and paid news. Unfortunately, only one TV channel highlighted what may have been the lynching of one Suman Das on February 10 at Magarhat in 24 Praganas District of West Bengal.
To one’s shock, the very next day, an unknown woman was lynched by the same mob in the neighbourhood. Which clearly points to the sad state of affairs in the sensitive area, which has witnessed a growing incidence of ‘ethnic’ cleansing of particular community – the Scheduled Caste people.

The victim, Suman Das, (26), was originally from Odisha. He used to sell cloths and garments. Multi, a village, about 50 kilometre away from central Kolkata witnessed the deadliest incidents of lynching in the year.
The other victim, an unknown woman (56) had died in the same locality in a mob-lynching incident. According to sources, S Selvamuruga, SP, South 24 Paraganas, disclosed the death of two persons. Surprisingly, the lynching on February 10 follows a gruesome pattern. No one has so far been booked for killing of Suman Das and the unidentified woman. Strangely, the police arrested seven persons for allegedly propagating false messages against Rohingya Muslim infiltrators. Apparently, there is no connection between the so-called false post on social media and the lynching of Suman Das.
No one has so far been booked for killing Suman Das and the woman. Strangely, the police have arrested seven persons for allegedly propagating false messages against Rohingya Muslim infiltrators
Poundra Kshatriya (Pod) is an indigenous Scheduled Caste community of Magrahat. For the last 20 years, this community people have been deserting the area and settling down at Baruipur and other places, where they feel safe as Hindus. While affluent families have managed to settle in and around Kolkata, poor people are still living like refugees in their own state. It is ethnic cleansing. Police, administration, Excise Department and politicians have helped the communal goons in perpetrating this atrocity on this backward community.
Lynching to death of Suman Das and the lady is an effort to terrorise local SC community to leaving the area. In 2011, about 197 persons died of consuming illicit liquor. It was a big tragedy. Khora Badsha (Lame Badshah) was a kingpin of hooch tragedy. He started bootlegging plant and opened his first hooch retail shop at a location adjoining to Sangrampur Rly Station in Magrahat. Khoda Badsha expanded his business with active support of Khairul Haq Laskar, Trinamool Congress Panchayat president of Magrahat Gram Panchayat. Badsha used to sell toys in local trains before starting his bootlegging business. He received unconditional support from another criminal mastermind, Salim. Within a few years, Khora Bashah became so rich that he owned three farm houses in Baruipur, Rajarhat and Kakwip, 11 trucks, two Tata Sumo vehicles, and two bikes. His total wealth was estimated at more than Rs 20 crore in 2011.
Who is Salim? Both Badshah and Salim were the strongmen of CPI(M) in 1990s. Salim, allegedly backed by a prominent CPM leader of South 24 Parganas District, gradually established his stronghold at Mograhat. His henchmen started coercing Hindu families so that they can sell their properties at throwaway prices. Then they took to extorting Hindu businessmen. There were allegations that Salim was shielded by a section of corrupt police officers. He used to bribe policemen and political leaders. Losing all hopes to get any protection from anywhere, the Hindus started departing Magrahat in mid 1990s. Most of the displaced persons were from Scheduled Caste committees.
In 2004, Salim was arrested by Behala Police in connection with a narcotics case. 2007 was a turning point in the life of Salim Laskar. In November 2007 he was arrested for a dacoity in Baruipur. When he had been arrested by Baruipur Police his men mobilised hundreds of people to make the situation hostile. Witnesses were often attacked by Salim’s henchmen. Police failed to file FIRs within 90 days as the victims refused to speak to court fearing retaliation. Salim allegedly took part in the CPM’s ‘recapture’ of Nandigram in 2007. He had been arrested several times. His name has come up in over 126 crimes in South 24 Parganas including dacoity, rape and murder. During CPI(M) regime CID officers confessed that it is not only difficult, but impossible to keep Salim behind the bar.
Now Salim has become a Trinmool Congress leader. He is at present Block President of TMC and has become the Upapradhan of Magrahat-2 Panchayat Samiti. Last year, in Panchayat elections about 35 per cent seats were uncontested. Salim’s men didn’t allow the opposition to submit their nomination different Gram Panchayat seats in Magrahat. Selima Shekh, daughter of Selim, was declared “Pradhan” of Dihi Kalash Gram Panchyat.
Nevertheless, the process of changing demography has not been completed. Due to majority in population, the President seat of local Panchayat Samiti is still reserved for Scheduled Caste. As a matter of fact, the immediate objective of the fundamentalists is to evict the local Scheduled Caste community from Magrahat.
On February 10, the strategy to kill Suman was well planned. He was killed by a mob lynching. The lady, who was lynched next day, was actually attacked on February 10. After these incidents fundamentalists propagated a blatant lie. They narrated that Rohingyas were attacked in Hindu villages, which was actually a damn lie. Under the pretext they started ransacking the shops of Hindu businessmen near Sangrampur Railway Station.
Left liberal forces are silent on this. There was no candle light protest for Suman Das. Only the poor family members came from Odisha to receive the dead body. Suman came to West Bengal in search of his brighter future. Unfortunately, his future was rudely cut short by mob lynching.
The law and order situation in the state has badly deteriorated. The houses of four BJP workers were attacked by TMC goons on February 12 under Lavdoha Police Station. The TMC goons also molested the women. According to reports, about a dozen goons attacked the houses of Disha Bauri, Anand Bauri, Pran Bauri and Chiranjit Bauri.
A delegation of BJP workers under the leadership of BJP district president Lakhan Ghuroi met the victims on February 13. The Police also reached for investigation. Shri Lakhan Ghuroi said the houses of BJP workers were attacked for joining the rally of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Durgapur recently. Interestingly, instead of booking the culprits, the policemen were seen telling people to join the TMC.