“Pakistan is a failed state and terrorist haven”
Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi, is an Iranian born Shia-Muslim Imam, having Australian citizenship and publicly Ordained Islamic Authority, Thinker, Educator, Speaker, and one of the main leading voices in the global movement of Islamic reform. He currently operates from the West, mainly Washington DC, and is involved in counter-terrorism, spreading peace, establishing dialogue and harmony. Imam Tawhidi is licensed by numerous Grand Ayatollahs and leaders of Islamic Seminaries to lead and represent the Muslim community.
During his recent visit to New Delhi for a cultural fest, he, in a candid conversation with Organiser Chief News Coordinator Dr Pramod Kumar and Senior Correspondent Nishant Kr Azad on February 7, 2019, expressed his frank opinion on Pakistan.
Q. Pakistan is an immediate neighbour of India, the relationship between both the countries is well known. What are your views on Pakistan?
My opinion about Pakistan is very controversial because I don’t recognise Pakistan as a country. Some countries do not recognise other countries, and they don’t have their Embassies. So, if I was a Prime Minister, though I am not in politics and would not enter into politics, I would not have Embassy of Pakistan in my country as I don’t acknowledge Pakistan as a country. I think they are a gang, (not the people as people can be good, I am talking about the Government). The government there is not a real government. It is an army, and it is a failed state. It is terrorist haven. Hence, I don’t recognise them as a country. That is my opinion. I have been in trouble many times for this opinion, but I don’t recognise them.
Q. The life of minorities—Hindus, Jews, Christians, etc.—in Pakistan has been turned into a hell.
Pakistan knows very well that it is not justice. Isn’t it a part of the United Nations and the International Human Rights bodies? Does it not have a Human Rights Minister? So, they know it very well. But they are racist and are against the minorities. If you are an extremist Muslim like the Taliban, you can walk freely in Pakistan. And they all lie. That is why the Trump Administration has cut foreign funding to Pakistan. Because they are liars and they cheat.
Q. Pakistan has been supporting terrorism in Kashmir since the very beginning. Pakistan also tries to draw a parallel with the Palestine problem. What is your opinion on Kashmir?
I don’t understand why Pakistan is interfering in Kashmir, because Kashmir is a Hindu land. The same way Pakistan was also a Hindu land. Pakistan also belonged to India until 70 years ago they asked for Independence which they got. Hence, they don’t have the right to interfere in other parts of India. That is my opinion.
(This is the abridged version of the full interview published in Organiser Weekly)