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Chitrakoot Shilpi Nanaji
Apropos (Give Respect Where it is Due), Organiser, February 10, 2019, the pseudo-secularists need to change their mindset towards the RSS and its affiliated organisations, since their activities are ten thousand times more patriotic than those of the commentators. Veteran social activist Nanaji Deshmukh, who has been conferred the country’s top most award Bharat Ratna has been criticised by some secular elements. Their outlook towards the RSS and its associated organisations is always negative. They never thought positive. Without understanding their dedicated services rendered to the nation, criticism and pointing figures towards such dedicated social activists is highly condemnable. Nanaji completely changed the face of Chitrakoot, which was a backward region. Former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and many others have applauded his model of development.
Sridhar V Kulkarni, Kalyan
Critics are bitching about former President Pranab Mukherjee his conferring of Bharat Ratna as politically motivated. How hollow can get they get? As a Bengali, I would neither vote for the BJP nor would vote for Mamata Banerjee. I would vote for a party that puts Nation First and then the state second. So, Narendra Modi-led BJP has done much more than what the Congress had done in its 70-year rule. Whether Bharat Ratna or not, my precious vote would go to Modi.
Bibek Bhattacharya, Kolkata
Sanskrit is Sanskriti
Apropos (When Secularism means Opposition to Sanskrit), Organiser, February 10, 2019, I fail to understand what is wrong with the ‘sickulars’? Why do they have a problem with me just being a Hindu and following my own way of life? Why can’t they let me ‘be a Hindu’ in my own Bharat? Some of the questions like these, have been nagging me. Why can’t the sickulars go to a god-agnostic country like communist China and mouth their secularism to its fellow seculars? Life would be much better there, wouldn’t it be?
Pravin Nair, Kochi
RSS on Rajpath Apropos
(When Pt Nehru Government Invited Swayamsevaks at Rajpath), Organiser, February 10, 2019, the special story is very informative. By documenting the experiences of veteran swayamsevaks who had joined the Republic Day Parade on January 26, 1963 you have done a very good job. Documentation of such great incidents is very necessary as many people question the role of RSS in various activities. The new generation also needs to be educated about such activities. Vijendra Kumar, New Delhi
Indian Time Zone
India should also advance its time-zone by half an hour to make it GMT+6 hours rather than present haphazard GMT+5.30 hours as also recommended by National Institute of Advanced Studies. Since presently just eight countries in the world deviate from separating their time-zones by a fraction of an hour, the Indian government should approach international authorities so that time-zone for a country may compulsorily be deviated by full one hour from GMT. Making Indian Time at GMT+6 hours will fulfil long-pending demand of the people from north-east India without going for dual and impractical time-zone for the country. Suggested change will reduce big time-difference of 127 minutes between extreme east and west zones of the country. The demand of NE states is highly justified for better utilisation of day-time energy when sun-rise and sun-set are comparatively much earlier there than rest of the country.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Unholy Alliance
Apropos (Alliance! Neither Holy nor Reliant), Organiser, February 10, 2019, it is clear that the parliamentary polls will be contested on the question of who will be next Prime Minister of the country, and with a complete absence of PM candidate in the opposition, the face of Modiji will provide saffron party with a clear majority of seats in UP.
Rajeshwar Prasad Shukla, Lucknow
Informative & Enlightening
Apropos (Republic of Temples), Organiser, February 3, 2019, Aabhas K Maldahiyar very thoroughly explained the fundamentals about the historic temples from Vedic to contemporary period. The author has highlighted their importance in preserving the salient traditions of Sanatan Dharma. Needless to say, if some references are quoted for further reading should have been a bonus.
Dr Sukesh Chander Sharma, Chandigarh