RSS Karyakarta shot at in Metiabruz area in West Bengal; Hindu Jagran Manch activists protesting against attack on Hindus lathicharged and arrested

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Hindus have been on the receiving end in West Bengal over the last few years and the attacks have only been increasing each year. RSS and BJP karyakartas are the prime targets of Islamic fundamentalists about which Mamata Banerjee does not seem to do anything. The freehand has emboldened them and the latest victim of the Jihadis is another RSS Karyakarta.
On 2nd December at around 9.50 am, Bir Bahadur Singh, Nagar Karyawah of RSS was shot at in Metiabruz area by miscreants. Bir Bahadur had been threatened by several Islamic fundamentalists in the last few months to relocate to a different location as the area was a Muslim majority area. Despite lodging a complaint at the local police
station, the police filed and FIR against unknown persons and did not act on it. One of those who attacked Bir Bahadur is a local councillor of a ward. A police picket was present near the house of Bur Bahadur Singh since last few months. Despite several complaints as well as police picketing, Bir Bahadur Singh was shot in broad day light.
Assaults on Hindus in Metiabruz area
This is not the first attack on Hindus in the area by Islamic fundamentalists. In March 1984, Ex-DC Port IPS Vinod Mehta was murdered using a sharp weapon and was later decapacitated. The murder was the beginning of the spate of attacks on Hindus and Hindu leaders.
Earlier on 12th April, 2019 Yogendar Yadav of Metiabruz area was assaulted by Md. Hasan Imam, Sadruddin Ansari alias Munna, of Masjid Talab area. Again on 12th November, a lady Gita Devi was assaulted in a similar fashion.
In February 2013, Sub-inspector Tapas Chowdhury was shot dead by miscreants during unrest of students union election of Hari Mohan Ghosh college. The house very next door to the college is that of the Legislative Assembly speaker.
Hindu Jagran Manch protests against attacks on Hindus

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Activists of Hindu Jagran Manch protested against the attack on RSS Karyakarta Bir Bahadur in the city
Hindu Jagran Manch has protested against the continued attack on Hindus in West Bengal. In press release HJM has said that the police are complicit in aggravating the situation and did not act on the complaint in a timely manner. HJM has accused that the attack on Bir Bahadur was perpetrated by Sadruddin Ansari, Rahmat Alam Ansari who had been threatening him for last few months to leave RSS as well as the area he resides in. HJM has said that the police filed FIR against unknown persons despite the same being mentioned in the complaint. Rahmat Alam Anasari happens to be the Councillor of Ward no.137 of KMC.
HJM in its press note has said there have been continuous attacks upon the Hindus to leave the area and for the same they have been continuously threatened and are living under immense fear of life. It further says that throughout the state of West Bengal attacks upon the Hindus are increasing and they are living in fear. The excerpts from the HJM press release are below:
"The Hindus in West Bengal are not feeling safe, whereas the forces causing such incidents are appeased by their political bosses for fulfilling their political vendetta. This incident is a glaring example of as to what extent the law and order situation in the State of West Bengal has totally failed. The police authorities as well as the administration are sitting as mute spectator and not taking action against the forces causing such incidents and day by day the law and order situation in the state of West Bengal is going from bad to worse.
It is the duty of the administration and the State Government to ensure right to free life, safety and security of the people of West Bengal. We want to assert that the attack upon Hindus are being systematically organised in West Bengal and this attack is not only upon Bir Bahadur Singh or Yogendra Yadav or Gita Devi but is upon the Hindus residing throughout the State of West Bengal and that needs to be handled with an iron hand reposing the faith of justice as well as security among the Hindus residing in West Bengal.
This is the place where muslims carry out violent islamic rallies with weapons and other assault items. The police remains mute spectator to all this but when Hindus want to do peaceful Ram Navami Yatra they are stopped and arrested. Is this secularism?"
HJM Activists and leaders lathicharged

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HJM has accused the West Bengal government of pandering to the Islamists and not even allowing Hindus to protest. Hindu activists were lathicharged and arrested while they enganged in a peaceful protest against the attack on RSS Karyakarta Bir Bahadur.
The HJM press release says, "Even today as we are giving this Press Release Police is arresting peaceful demostrators near Sealdah station. This government is unable to give protection to Hindus of the state and on the contrary arresting people who protest against injustice. The councillor of 137 no ward KMC Rahmat Alam Ansari is directly involved in this shooting (of Bir Bahadur). The question is from where does he get this much confidence to make assault on life? The answer is simple they belong to the same community, from which the Mayor of KMC Firhad Hakim comes, and this same Mayor had said few months back that this Metiabruj and Garden Reach is "Mini Pakistan". This is on record. And today it has been proved correct. Hindus are being hounded out of that region only because they are Hindus. Is this a democratic socialist secular country? Why is police not arresting the criminals and instead perpetrating unlawful force on peaceful protestors. Hindu Jagaran Manch condemns this muslim appeasement government which does not give protection to Hindus and neither does it ensure munimum constitutional Human Rights to Hindus of this state.
In the very morning as our karyakartas were reaching Sealdah station West Bengal and Kolkata Police picked them up and detained them without showing any reason or proper court documents. This was gross violation of basic Human Rights ensured to every Indian citizen by our constitution. Without any imposition of sec144, peaceful demonstrators of Hindu Jagaran Manch were hounded out of the premises of Sealdah station. The demonstrators were not allowed to congregate in Moulali crossing, on the S.N.Bannerjee Road junction, at Wellington crossing and Dharmatollah.
Even though we had given prior information for this Protest Demonstration not one of our karyakarta was allowed to congregate. This is gravest violation of our constitutional rights of “Right to Assemble” and “Freedom of Expression”. Police conducted Lathi Charge at Sealdah station, at S.N.Bannerjee crossing and Dharmatollah. Many of our karyakartas have been gravely injured and are admitted to SSKM hospital. Many of us are still in Police custody, by conservative estimate about 300 are still under detention.
This incident today shows complete breakdown of law and order situation in West Bengal. It has become abundantly clear now that this government is blatantly communal and undemocratic. This government allows full freedom to all kinds of “jihadi” activities and promotes islamic terrorism. We must remember that the present Mayor of Kolkata Municipality Firhad Hakim had declared these very areas, Garden Reach and Metiabruj as “mini pakistan” in recent past. These jihadis are nullifying the basic fabric of our country that is “Pluralism” and “Liberalism”, by converting such areas into number of “mini pakistans” where they have majority.
In this state democracy has been completely demolished, as people are not allowed to congregate for peaceful demonstration against grave injustices done to Hindus. We also remember that this is the state where there is continuing political violence right from 2011 onwards. This is also the state where jihadis conducted bomb explosion in Khagragarh. There is daily report of Hindus being killed, attacked and assaulted in all parts of West Bengal. We condemn this open attack on Hindus of West Bengal. No Hindu is safe in this state and it requires immediate attention from our Legislators and Government of India. If undelayed steps are not taken there is bound to be another situation like that of Kashmir where Hindus had been made refugee in their own country."