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On November 27, 2019, ISRO successfully launched Cartosat-3 satellite and 13 other commercial nanosatellites of various US companies. This was the 49th flight of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Complimenting the satellite team, the Prime Minister said “I heartily congratulate the entire ISRO team on yet another successful launch of PSLV-C47 carrying indigenous Cartosat-3 satellite and over a dozen nano satellites of USA. The advanced Cartosat-3 will augment our high-resolution imaging capability. ISRO has once again made the nation proud”.
Cartosat-3 is a third-generation earth observation satellite with high resolution capability. The satellite can also help in urban planning, development of rural infrastructure, and coastal and land use. CARTOSAT-3 would have a mission life of five years. P Kunhikrishnan, Director UR Rao Satellite Centre said, “This is the most advanced Earth Observation Satellite ever built by ISRO. The realisation of Cartosat-3 has witnessed a totally new development in every area—the payload, the communication system, the optical system, the sensors, and so on.” ISRO has plans to complete 13 more missions by March 2020.