Congress leader in TN wants PM Modi and HM Amit Shah to be killed; Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka silent on their TN leader’s hate speech
- TS Venkatesan 

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There is a diabolical design to kill Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on TN soil if one were to go by the speech of Congress leader Nellai Kannan at a function organised by SDPI at Melapalayam in Tirunelveli district.
Nellai Kannan is also a Tamil writer particularly on Kamba Ramayana and a known face in the literary circles. He has been in Congress since late K Kamaraj days. He has courted controversy recently by making provocative utterances against Prime Minister in singular form and Union Home Minister at an anti-CAA protest meeting in Tirunelveli on Saturday. This meet was organised by the Social Democratic Party of India ( SDPI), which has made its Islamic agenda clear many times.
In his speech Kannan has exhorted Muslims to finish off Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. He said that he was "shocked as to why Muslims have not yet killed them?". In his more than half-an-hour address, Kannan resorted to uncivil and abusive language. The BJP alleged that "He openly and derogatorily abuses various political leaders of the country which does not amount to a decent criticism," it said adding the speech was against "public tranquillity".
BJP National secretary H Raja said Nellai Kannan not only apologise for making personal degrading remarks against PM , Home Minister but also to Muslims for asking them why they have not finished off Modi and Shah. He wanted to know whether the Congress leadership agrees with Kannan’s speech or not? H Raja demanded an explanation from TNCC president K S Azhagiri. BJP leader also said that the Tamil Nadu government should have taken action against Kannan immediately for the hate speech but it has remained silent which is surprising he said.
BJP and Muslim Rashtriya Manch condemn Kannan 

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Nellai Kannan admitted himself to an hospital after BJP filed complaint against him 
BJP has given a complaint to DGP where the speech of Nellai Kannan instigating the Muslims to finish off Prime Minister and the Home Minister has been mentioned. The BJP’s complaint requests the DGP that since this is a very serious matter, Kannan should be immediately arrested and prosecuted.
Police has registered FIR against Kannan {CR. no 423/19 under sections 504, 505 (1), 505(2) IPC}. Nellai Kannan has gone underground and he could not be reached as his phone was switched off. Sources say that he got himself admitted in a clinic for chest pain by hopping in Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham (TMMK) ambulance. This clearly shows that Muslim groups in TN are protecting him.
Ironically, not a single leader from opposition or media has condemned this abhorrent speech by an Indian National Congress leader Nellai Kannan. Are they all endorsing his invitation to SDPI to assassinate Home Minister and Prime Minister? There is a visible panic in opposition camps after their grass root level feedback that violent CAA protests has polarised the nation with majority fully backing Modi. A major damage control exercise has been going on to undo the same, says Venkat, a senior public sector official.
Fathima Ali of Muslim Rasthtriya Manch (MRM) lambasts Nellai Kannan and said does he think that all Muslims are killers who want to murder PM. She questioned the Congress party which allows its leaders to make such hate speeches against PM and HM of the country. She also said that the Congress and DMK are using Muslims as vote banks and it is shameful that the Congress has not yet disowned him despite such a speech. MRM leader also asked that Kannan should be arrested immediately and an enquiry commision should be set up to unravel those who are behind him.
Maridhas viral video message exposes DMK 

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Prominent Social Media activist Maridhas in a video message said, "The controversial meet was organised by a religious fanatic group (SDPI) at the behest of the DMK. When Nellai Kannan spoke none in the crowd condemned him but they enjoyed with laughter. The speaker is attacking PM of the nation and wants to kill him. You are enjoying it. No one stood up and said we may have differences with BJP, PM or Home minister. Eliminating them won't be acceptable. If they had said these, it would have been different. A Christian is always Christian. A Muslim is always Muslim. But they expect a Hindu should be secular? Is there any logic or fairness in it? In the entire episode DMK hand is seen. They are against Modi and Shah. With that intention they want youth, opposition to protest and kill them. In the Dias, Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi, a pro LTTE outfit, leader Velumurugan and a known DMK supporter was seated next to Kannan. Kannan was made to attend and speak by the DMK. Is it an indirect message that if DMK comes back to power, they would kill both Modi and Shah?”
Maridhas also questions the DMK. “During the DMK rule, an unsuccessful attempt was made to kill Indira Gandhi at Madurai, and her son Rajiv Gandhi was the victim of Human bomb blast. So they want to kill another popular PM on the TN soil? A thorough enquiry should be done to bring out the truth and expose the diabolical designs of DMK, Congress and its cohorts." he says in the video.
On social media, people condemn Kannan and wanted him to be held under NSA. TN BJP General Secretary KS Narendran has separately filed a complaint to the state Director General of Police seeking stringent action against Nellai Kannan for his remarks that went against national integrity which could lead to communal clashes.