'Leftist Distorian' Irfan Habib heckles Kerala Governor Arif Mohd Khan over CAA: Here are the Five protocol violations flagged by Raj Bhavan

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In a gross violation of protocol, CPM affiliated historian Irfan Habib heckled Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan when he spoke in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act in his speech.
Irfan Habib disrupted the inaugural address and questioned the right of Kerala Governor to speak about the CAA. The governor was speaking at the 80th inaugural session of the Indian History Congress held at the Kannur University.
Giving a befitting reply to the intolerant Habib, Governor Khan said that he had heard them quietly so they must hear what he has to say.
"You have every right to protest. But you cannot shout me down", Arif Mohammad Khan said after some delegates protested against him.
There were protocol violations at the inauguration of the 80th Indian History Congress where Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan was present. Irfan Habib's speech was not listed in the programme.
Five protocol violations flagged by Raj Bhavan
1. Normally one hour is the duration of the Governor's programme but as per the request of the organisers, it has been extended to 1.25 hours. But the governor was invited for the speech after 1.50 hours.
2. As per the protocol, the Governor is supposed to speak at the end. However, he was invited first at the IHC event. And, when he approached the podium to deliver his speech, he was called back by the organisers!
3. Irfan Habib spoke at the event without permission. In a gross violation of protocol, History Congress general secretary Mahalakshmi Ramakrishnan invited two odd people from the audience to speak on stage in the presence of the governor.
4. Irfan Habib heckled the governor and attempted to stall the Governor's speech. In a security breach, the Governor’s ADC was pushed away. IHC general secretary Mahalakshmi shouted at the Governor. Even though the security officers ordered the organisers to remove Irfan Habib from the stage, the order was not executed.
5. In an intelligence failure, the audience sitting in the front row protested and raised placards.