No, 3000 Hindus are not converting to Islam in a Tamil Nadu village; Propaganda by separatist organization busted by Hindu Munnani and villagers themselves
A little known outfit funded by nefarious sources tried to drive a wedge among Hindus using a sad incident. But now the villagers themselves have denied that they will convert and have said that they will remain Hindus as they are devotees of Vishnu.
 - TS Venkatesan
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Villagers of Nadur near Mettupalayam have denied that they will convert to Islam over the collapse of a wall which killed 17 people
Thanks to the vigilant and prompt intervention by the Hindu Munnani, a la Meenakshipuram type conversion was averted successfully at Nadur AD (Adi Dravidar) colony near Mettupalayam in Coimbatore district.
Doing ‘politics over death’ is a common phenomenon in Tamil Nadu and Dravidian parties are adept at it. Opponents call this as ‘death politics’. It has become a passion for the DMK’s M K Stalin , VCK, Thol Thirumavalavan, Nam Tamizhar Katchi’s Seeman, Tamil Tigers Party’s Thiruvalluvan, Cine directors, actors, fringe outfits to make insulting remarks against Hindu gods, saints, while speaking at functions organised by Muslims, Christians.
Now a little known outfit, Tamil Tigers party (Tamil Puligals Katchi) which is famous for its hate speeches against Hindu and Hindu gods, stoked a controversy by announcing that over 3,000 Dalits would embrace Islam because of the apathy of the TN government and hardships meted out to them by the high caste Hindus. On December 2, a portion of a 20 feet wall, after the incessant rain, collapsed on the adjoining four tiled-roof houses resulting in over 17 including ten women and two children buried alive to death while in sleep.
To exploit this opportunity in their favour, Tamil Tigers Party (TTP) stormed the colony and held protest urging the police to arrest the owner of the building under the stringent provisions of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. They claimed the wall was a caste wall or untouchability wall (preventing Dalits to enter into caste Hindu dwelling areas. Following protests by the TTP, its leader Nagai Thiruvalluvan and others were arrested by the police. Only a few were released on bail. The outfit leader is facing serious charges and was denied bail. Hindu Munnani has said that to divert the issue and for his early release, he dropped a bomb shell by saying over 3,000 Dalits would convert to Islam in phases from January 5.
Dravidian and Anti-Hindu outfits have always tried to drive a wedge in the Hindu community using sad incidents but in this case of Nadur AD, the villagers themselves have now denied that they will convert and have said that they will remain Hindus as they are devotees of Vishnu. But the entire incident is an example of how anti-Hindu forces attempt to hoodwink Hindus and media to further their agenda.
Hindu Munnani exposes the agenda 

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Hindu Munnani fact finding team speaks to the villagers who denied the conversion claim
A fact finding of Hindu Munnani visited the village immediately after the incident and the committee members spoke to the people by showing newspaper reports about their proposed conversion to Islam. The Dalits denied the same on video and assured that they would co-exist with all community as they have been.
Hindu Munnani state Joint Organiser Rajesh has alleged that Muslim countries were pumping in money to convert Hindus. He said in the colony there are only 150 families but claim 3,000 would convert to Islam is a white lie. There is no caste wall but it is only a compound wall. To claim it caste wall is a false propaganda. Nobody has converted to Islam which is a falsehood spread by TTP. He said that Tamil Tigers leader Thiruvalluvan was arrested for fomenting communal trouble. He and 25 of his party cadre were arrested. He was denied bail. So to divert the issue, they started spreading rumours that Dalits are embracing Islam. He has the support of the Foreign NGOs, separatist elements and others. They had lured the poor with money and other kinds.
Speaking to Organiser Weekly, Rajesh said that “We have spoken to people at the village and all denied the news that they were converting to Islam. To establish the truth, a fact finding committee of Hindu Munnani toured the colony and spoke to them. Each and every one of them assured that they are Hindus and would remain so till their death. They are devotees of God Vishnus. To ensure this, they would celebrate the Margazhi festival on Saturday which they have been doing it from time immemorial. We have met the State DGP and preferred a complaint. We urge the Centre to order for a NIA probe in this issue. 
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Hindu Munnani state Joint Organiser Rajesh exposes the agenda behind the so-called conversion of Dalits
Coimbatore District Hindu Munnani secretary Rajkumar has demanded NIA or high level probe. They (TTP) want to divert the issue and to win political mileage out of the wall collapse and has come out with a conversion threat. The wall is ten years old and was in upper terrain. These outfits want to create panic and tension in the region and defame the Dalit community. TTP has spoken to 80 Dalit families and lured them to convert to Islam. But none come forward to their poison with sweet laced proposal.
“They want to continue to live as Hindus. There is no second thought in this. We have been concentrating on this. Our cadre are at the spot speaking to the people. The colony residents have assured us that they would not convert to any other religion. We appeal to all not to give credence to such false propaganda being spread by such vested groups to gain political gain and to escape from the cases they are facing now”. This too has been said the by villagers themselves on video recorded by Hindu Munnani fact finding committee.
"In Mettupalayam there are 37 caste groups and all of them are united. We would not allow any conversion to happen. After the wall collapse, the State government promptly came to their rescue with money and job to victims’ family. So they do not have any grouse against the ruling establishment. We request the state government to take severe action against Nagai Thiruvalluvan. He had earlier stoked a controversy by his disparaging remarks on Ram and Sita.", said Rajkumar. 
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Coimbatore District Hindu Munnani secretary Rajkumar led the fact finding team that exposed the conversion racket
The state government too took the matter seriously. On hearing the incident Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswami rushed to the village and consoled the bereaved families. He assured that their demands, including enhanced compensation and construction of houses would be accepted. In addition to the Rupees 4 lakhs from the Disaster Relief Fund already announced, Rupees six lakh each would be provided from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. The CM also assured that suitable job to the next of the kin of deceased would be given.
Interestingly, despite attempts to take away the Dalit identity by nefarious organisations, Viduthalai Chiruthaigal leader Thol.Thirumavalavan, Cine director Pa Raanjit, the self- proclaimed champions of Dalit causes are keeping mum.
Previous attempts to convert Hindus
The last time a large number of men and women from the Scheduled Caste converted to Islam fold, was in 1981. It was engineered by the Ishaadul Islam Sabha of South India. During MG Ramachandran regime, the village of Meenakshipuram in Tirunelveli district saw 200 families convert to Islam, citing discrimination and caste violence in the village as the reason. It set off strong protests in the state and country. Then the BJP leader and late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee personally visited the village to find out the reasons behind the conversion.
Similarly, in Ramanathapuram district, 100 families converted to remove themselves from the caste stigma imposed by village elders. Timely intervention by Hindu organisation like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Munnani, Arya Samaj, Hindu Samudaya Valarchi Manram (Hindu Religion development forum) and Hindu Ottrumai Maiyam (Centre for Hindu Unity) forced the Muslim outfit to tone down its campaign.
Conspiracy to de-Hinduize Tamil Nadu
Hindu organisations in the state have repeatedly highlighted that a conspiracy is brewing in Bharat, especially in Tamil Nadu. Some forces want to break away the North and East of Bbharat into an Islamic state as “Mugalisthan” and in the South Tamil Nadu is their target. The code name for the project is “Pincode”. After Ramnathapuram, Hindus have become a minority in Melvisharam in Vellore district. Now Erode too has fallen in their hands. It is no longer Kongu, Gounder, Erode belt. It is now a Muslim belt with large number of illegal migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
Meanwhile, the Christian Evangelists have set a target for 2020. According to Hindu Munnani, each Church has been given 10,000 bikes, 1 lakh bible books and set a target of building 6,000 churches in Tamil Nadu. "Nearly 6 lakh would convert to Christianity for the bike in the coming year. In their Christian eve message, they call upon them to wage a holy war against CAA and NCR. They have given an open challenge to us. Shall we remain a passive onlooker by saying we are secular minded one and partaking their cakes, biryani from them in lieu of that? , asks S Raghavan of Hindu Munnani.
In Tanjaore district all agraharams (where Brahmins used to reside) are being occupied by Muslims. "To fool the common people, a Muslim Mohammed Dham has opened a hotel with the name “Agraharam Restaturant”. “Brahmin Masala” company is being owned by Yusuf. These are planned move by Muslims. Soon they will insult us at the agraharam Restaurant with non-veg food varieties. Then no one can question them, because Agraharam is just a name and there is no legislation against naming they would argue", says Raghavan.