The Maoist Urban Clap - Time to rein in the unruly Urban Naxals
Where were the same urban naxals when the national population register was updated during the UPA regime in 2010? Did they have state patronage due to which they were silent?
 - Sanjeev Uniyal 

A ROY Naxal_1  
Indian State is the enemy, objective is to over throw Indian State and establish people’s rule. It is long term strategy to do so, some recent documents of Maoists have set the time limit to 2050/2060. These are the extracts of Maoist Internal Policy documents on role of front organisations and work in Urban area especially in Universities, trade Unions and in Courts.
The above mentioned strategies as well as derivatives can easily be envisaged that what different Urban naxals said during the very sensitive time especially when the security and integrity of the country were in danger, they always came on the public platform to aggravate the prevalent situation.
The controversial statements of Arundhati Roy in the present context is no way different from her previous anti national statements like the fresh one regarding National Population Register (NPR) at Delhi Univeristy in a Protest, she said :- “We need to fight against it and have a plan when they enter your home for NPR and ask for your name give them some name Ranga billa and for address say 7 RCR (PMs address).” And another alarming statement was “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is a historical fact. Even the India Government has accepted this.“ In addition one very dangerous statement was “Gandhinian way of opposition need an audience, which is absent here. People have debated long before choosing this from of struggle.”
In these few above mentioned controversial and anti national statements of Arundhati Roy, one can easily correlate this with the CPI(M), urban naxals as well as comprehensive outlook and mode of operandi of Communists. No wonders that many human Rights organisations, Legal Networks and other organisations work in tandem strategically, which has been established many cases to approach the Supreme Court for forces of the State as violators of human rights etc., Front organisations are created to facilitate mass mobilization in semi urban and urban areas through ostensibly democratic means. Like Arundhati Roy, they are well educated intellectuals with a hidden agenda having firm belief in Maoist insurgency doctrine.
Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 after passing through various constitutional passages in upper house and lower house consequent thereto signed by the President of India has been endorsed as Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. All the violent illegal acts of AMU, Jamia Milia and their 22 Universities taking the Law fearlessly in their hands are supported by Naxalite and Jehadi elements. The administrators of the certain UP Districts have served Recovery Notices to 130 people for their alleged role in the violent anti-CAA stirs in the various parts of the state, asking them to pay of Rs. 50 Lakh to avoid attachment of their properties.
What’s wrong in the constitutional process of updating National Population Register from April 2020 to September 2020, when it was already held on April 2010 to September 2010 in the UPA regime? Where were these Pseudo secular Urban Naxals in that era presumably could have been busy in nourishing the Tukde Tukde gang to flourish.
(Author is an Advocate in Supreme Court of India)