Huge Rally in favour of CAA held in Mumbai
Mumbai CAA_1  H
Mumbai witnessed a sea of support for CAA. On 27 December, a huge rally in which thousands of people from all walks of the society, with vast number of women too, participated to support CAA.
The rally was held in Nana Chowk outside the August Kranti Maidan. Besides, former CM of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Phadnavis, several other leaders representing various political and social hues, addressed the rally. All the roads leading to Nana chowk were inundated with the CAA supporters who were enthusiastically raising slogans in favour of the act.
Rally which started at 4 pm, was converted into the march later and thousands of people walked to the Tilak statue in Girgam chowpatty where it culminated. Participants of the rally lambasted the attempts to drive a wedge between communities in the country through misinformation campaign against CAA by political parties and vested interests.