The Fine Art of Liberal Whitewashing
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 Poster girls of Jamia riots warning a Police personnel in the name of protest

Liberals truly are exemplary artists. They are painters who whitewash all criminal activities of their favourite minority and fellow liberals. They turn a terrorist into a poor school master's son. They can paint a rapist and murderer into sole breadwinner of a distressed poor family. The liberal whitewashing of illiberal acts of violence by one segment of population in the recent past and the current Anti-CAB (CAA) agitations have taken the whitewashing to new levels of sophistry

Washing powder Nirma, washing powder Nirma. Doodh Si Safedi, Nirma Se Aayi” these are lines from a hugely popular ad-jingle that has stayed with generations of Indians. Though several washing powders and whitening agents have flooded the markets, this jingle still remains popular. There can be debates on which powder or bar gives that extra-whiteness to clothes. But when it comes to white-washing, self-proclaimed Indian Liberals are the finest whitening agents of all times. No paint, no emulsion and not even bleaching powder can impart that kind of sparkling whiteness.
Whitewashing Jihadi terror in Kashmir as class-struggle and painting Godhra train burning as an accident are just two examples from not so distant past. But some of the liberal white washing of illiberal acts of violence by one segment of population in recent past and the current Anti-CAB (CAA) agitations have taken the whitewashing to new levels of sophistry.
Liberalism is not just an ideology but it is an art. A fineart in deception to be precise. A single victim from a favoured minority community gets at least a million times more coverage and evokes a billion times more outrage than a Hindu victim of violence by minority community. Sporadic attacks by desperate cow vigilantes against cattle thieves were enough for the Liberal fundamentalists to brand India “Lynchistan”.
There was an incident of a school bus getting hit by a stone during the infamous Padmavat riots by the Rajput Karni Sena at the height of Padmavat movie controversy. Bollywood was quick to react. Farhan Akhtar immediately branded the rioters as “Terrorists”. Sushant Singh Rajput was so outraged, he decided to drop Rajput from his name. Entire Liberal army slammed Modi, RSS, BJP and there was nonstop outrage till by-elections in Rajasthan were over. Interestingly, the Karni Sena and some other Rajput organisations supported Congress in the elections. More interestingly, the Karni Sena supported Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his Padmavat when the movie was released. From not agreeing to listen to the screenplay to supporting the movie, they all had come a long way.
But when the boot was on the other foot, the Liberal language changed into fineart. Rather it was Con-art. When Islamist mobs drove out Hindus from Kairana in UP, the entire Liberal media turned into Gandhian Monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil when hoards of Hindus became victims. Not a single Bollywood intellectual was outraged. Not a single Bolly-head hung in shame. The template repeated in Malda, West Bengal. It was as if the Liberals had exhausted all their outrage on isolated mob violence against special minorities and had run out of outrage when Kairana, Malda and several other places witnessed extensive violence against Hindus.
Eminent Liberal journalist Rajdeep Sardesai went a step ahead with the whitewashing job and declared there was absolutely nothing wrong happening in Malda when asked about the deafening silence of media. After a week and several graphic videos of violence on social media, he woke up to next level of deception. "Though there are some reports of communal strife in parts of West Bengal, sharing of graphic videos and photographs should be discouraged. It can lead to targetted violence against minorities in other parts of India. Social media should observe exemplary care to maintain communal harmony." Wonderful words coming from a journalist who made a career and life out of exaggerating 2002 riots. Great wisdom from a media Mughal who was in the forefront of blowing up Dadri into a tragedy tourism spectacle.
After the CAB getting nod from both houses of Parliament, Assam was burning. Fortunately the State Government was working to control the riots. There was enormous discontent but efforts to pacify people were visible. These efforts have borne the fruits too. Yet, the real news was happening in neighboring West Bengal. Islamic mobs were burning trains, uprooting railway tracks and destroying Central Government properties. The West Bengal Chief Minister and her party people were instigating the rioters instead of controlling the violent mobs. There were well coordinated attacks on properties of Hindus in different parts of West Bengal. Then came the Jamia Millia Islamia University riots. Were these riots a coverup job ? That should not come as a surprise if the suspicion turns out to be true.
Liberal media, Bollywood Liberals and sundries needed to divert people's attention from West Bengal because their favorite minorities were rioting there. Their job of whitewashing had become extremely difficult because of social media exposing the ground reality. They needed time to complete the whitewashing job. They managed to buy time by turning attention of entire nation towards Jamia Millia Islamia University.
Heroes, nope, Sheroes were created overnight. The entire Congress-Communist ecosystem was deployed to create the narrative driven by “brave girl students”. A girl spoke to media claiming her friends had died inside the hostels. Nobody asked her, Where are the bodies?” A protester hit a policeman with a stone and then hid behind a mob of screaming Hijabi girls. A caricatured image of a “strong girl” challenging the Fascist Police was created by blurring the coward hiding behind a mob of girls.
Same set of girls in Hijab were seen on different spots in different protests. One of them turned out to be wife of a freelance journalist associated with several Left wing and Islamist publications. An extraordinarily interesting feature of JMI University protest was presence of half a dozen men shooting the incident with none helping the man but for a bunch of screaming girls. The Delhi Police personnel showed tremendous resolve against grave provocation and those girls did not suffer even a scratch. Watching those videos carefully would buttress the suspicion that the whole “event” was most likely stage managed, knowing well the Police won't touch the girls.
Barkha Dutt met the girls, interviewed the “Sheroes” and went to town with her report. Perhaps the “Panauti” or infectious bad luck was catching up or the past was catching up as the Jihad supporting Facebook posts of one of the girls and their connection to organised Malayalam media persons with Islamist agenda got exposed. Poor Barkha Dutt hasn't had great luck in her agenda driven journalism in recent years. And her ill-luck has been infectious, affecting most of those covered by her.
“These poor people have no jobs and no life. In a depressing life of deprivation, they only have their beliefs to cling on to. We have to understand them and their predicament when they act like this. For them, their beliefs are their life. They can react violently when their beliefs are questioned or ridiculed.” This is how an eminent intellectual summarised the violent protests against Kamlesh Tiwari and the subsequent ISIS style execution.
In a land where every kind of insult of Hindu beliefs is freedom of expression, poor Kamlesh Tiwari's murder was put behind a smokescreen of poverty, ignorance, deprivation and beliefs. The end. How could the poor, deprived people organise such a massive rally ? From where did the funds come ? Questions like these are inconvenient colours that don’t gel well when Liberals are involved in whitewashing job.
We have had Historians who anointed Tipu Sultan as freedom fighter and Aurangzeb as Benevolent Dictator. They also washed away all the blood from the pages of history books by turning the Moplah rebellion into a freedom struggle. No wonder Ali Musaliyar is the hero of Labeeda, the latest Shero of the Liberal world.
Liberals defending a set of graffiti on the walls of Jamia Millia Islamia University pretty much sums up the Liberal whitewashing. There are messages in English and Hindi that read “Secular India”, “Sab Ek Hai” and “Be united”. But the Arabic graffiti reads, "There is no God but Allah. Allah is great".
When the stark differences in these messages were pointed out, the Liberals are defending that too. They are claiming, "The Arabic graffiti existed before. Hence it should not be propped up to spread poison." Pointing out blatant religious bigotry in a Government funded university amounts to spreading poison according to Liberals. But burning buses, trains, attacking police forces and claiming “We don't care for government or police. We fear only Allah.” are heroic acts, well Sheroic acts.
Liberals truly are exemplary artists. They are painters who whitewash all criminal activities of their favorite minority and fellow liberals. They are magicians who can make issues disappear into thin air when they are inconvenient to their narrative. They turn a terrorist into a poor school master's son. They can paint a rapist and murderer into sole breadwinner of a distressed poor family. They can mesmerise gullible people into believing in their narrative. They can brainwash people to act like Zombies and unleash destruction. Then they will once again whitewash these destructive activities and the violent mobs will become Angels.
(The writer is a columnist and writes mostly on Politics, Cricket and Cinema)