Muslim Society Must Introspect

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The political and social stagnation in the Muslim community can be explained by one and only one reason. The Muslims think that the Hindus and Muslims must perpetually struggle; the Hindus to establish their dominance over the Muslims and the Muslims to establish their historical position as the ruling community—that in this struggle the strong will win, and to ensure strength they must suppress or put in cold storage everything which causes dissension in their ranks”

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Pakistan or the Partition of India, Pp 236-37.

The fear-psychosis and rumour-mongering around the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA) are in full flow. The competition to get political mileage by inciting people is going on in the name of protests. Every time you ask about the reason for opposing the CAA, you get all the answers from Rape to the economy to Ayodhya to Secularism without giving a single logical answer for their opposition to the CAA, which is the enabling provision for granting citizenship to the persecuted communities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
The Congress is trying to gain new ground with the plank of ‘Secularism’, though right from Pandit Nehru to Dr Manmohan Singh advocated similar kind of provision for the non-Muslim persecuted immigrants in the past. The different variants of communists live on manufactured dissent and they are using existing might amongst the intelligentsia and media to create confusion. The real problem lies in the Muslim community and its leadership who are at the forefront of these protest, terming new amendment by the parliament as ‘anti-Muslim’. What is the reason for this agitation by Muslims that is invariably taking a violent turn from Jamia to Aligarh, from Malda to Ahmedabad?
The answer lies at many levels. The agitators who are participating in this violence are uneducated mobs and guided by the concept of ‘Ummah’ is the visible trend. A false conception of history, being rulers not just of Bharat but of the entire world for more than 600 years, is ingrained by the Mullahdom. Without knowing anything about either CAA or NRC, these elements guided by organisations like Jamaat and instigated by the Communists, talk about ‘Brotherhood’ in such a fashion, that they are ready for another Khilafat or Partition. This regressive understanding is at the root cause of the Muslim problem as rightly diagnosed by Dr Ambedkar.
The leadership crisis is another problem. Babasaheb Ambedkar himself wrote, “How Muslim politics has become perverted. ...In all matters, the determining question with the Muslims is how it will affect the Muslims vis-a-vis the Hindus… The dominating consideration is how democracy with majority rule will affect the Muslims in their struggle against the Hindus. Will it strengthen them or will it weaken them? If democracy weakens them, they will not have democracy.” Even though most of the Muslims have Bharatiya roots and civilisational linkages, they should not have any problem with the principle of coexistence, the enlightened leadership that will take them to the path of acceptance and respect for all ways is completely missing. The slogans raised in the Jamia and Aligarh University which should represent the educated and empowered opinion of the community represent the worst kind of Hinduphobic mindset.
The greatest danger of this combination of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and perpetual ‘Hinduphobia’ is the possibility of real perpetrators of crime and violence to take shelter in the name of ‘Islam’. The Citizenship Act does not affect any of the Bharatiya citizens, NRC, whenever it takes place, will have an impact only on the infiltrators who have entered Bharat without any valid visa or travel document. Such infiltrators can easily use both these facets of Muslim society to serve their purpose. They are most probably resorting to violence or providing fodder to youth for engaging in violence. For these infiltrators, some Muslim leaders are openly threatening about another partition of Bharat.
Muslim society should introspect whether they want such anti-Hindu and only Muslim brotherhood kind of life. Neither the false sense of history nor an imagined world of Khilafat is going to help the common Muslims of Bharat. The new Bharat is aspirational and decisive. Whether to be part of the new Bharat story or to stay back in the illusions of history; the entire CAA debate has given a golden opportunity for the Muslim community and intelligentsia to think on their own, instead of remaining as the ‘vote-banks’ of fraud secularists.