”India has given so much to Tibet….Hum India ke liye Jaan bhi dega…” - Lobsang Singey, the unsung Tibetan Hero
Lobsang Singey who came to India from Tibet as a refugee, joined the Indian Army and safeguarded our borders as a Paratrooper in several Indo-Pak wars.
 - Amruth Joshi

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Author with the hero of Indo-Pak wars Lobsang Singey
He Guarded my Country’s borders in most hostile conditions. He fought the war of my countr. Mr. Lobsang Singey (76) was just 18 yrs old when he came to India from Tibet as refugee with H.H. Dalai Lama walking for nearly 3 months in the Himalayan region. He was member of the Voluntary Freedom Fighter Force in Tibet. This Tibetan guerrilla outfit which fought Chinese rule and played a key role in the Dalai Lama's escape to India in March 1959.
In 1964 joined the Special Frontier Force, a force well known for its specialized war skills. As part of the regiment which fought the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, SFF team was very much instrumental in liberation of Chittagong Hill tract areas from the mighty Pathans of Pakistan Army. Rest of his service was always in the Indo Tibet border posts, which he says that it gave him an opportunity to see his motherland Tibet on the other side every day.
Lobsang was also part of the joint exercise with US army. An excellent Paratrooper Lobsang says he has done paratrooping for more than 95 times. And was also the bodyguard of H. H. Dalai Lama for a short span.
Now Lobsang who is single leads a retired life in the refugee camp along with friends and spends most of his time in praying and doing social work. His words….”India has given so much to Tibet….Hum India ke liye Jaan bhi dega…(We will give our lives for India...)”
Lobsang La we bow our head in respect to you, your valor and your commitment.
Jai Bharat, Jai Tibbat.