Indian doctor loses job in Qatar for supporting CAA! NRIs who support the policies of Indian Government in Islamic countries face existential threat from Kerala Jihadi migrants

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With Jihadi elements from Kerala singling out nationalist Indians and registering fake complaints against them, the Ministry of External Affairs has a greater responsibility to ensure the job security and safeguard the dignity of proud Indian citizens who support the Government of India on foreign soil

Jihadi migrants from Kerala are hell-bent on targeting nationalist Indian citizens who work in West Asia for supporting the policies of the Government of India. Muslim communal elements, especially the members of the Muslim League, Jamaat-e-Islami and Popular Front of India, have reportedly formed dedicated social media teams to identify Hindu social media profiles which support Citizenship Amendment Act to register fake complaints against them.

In a recent incident, an Indian doctor was expelled from service in Qatar after a group of Muslim extremists made the hospital authorities into believing that his Facebook post in support of CAA was against Indian Muslims and communal.
Ajith Sreedharan alias Ajith Maliyadan, an orthopaedic surgeon who worked in Nazeem Health Care in Qatar, was forced to leave his job after the Muslim communal elements from Kerala bullied the hospital authorities. Islamist Facebook profiles unleashed a slanderous attack against the doctor after his Facebook post in Malayalam, explaining the positive features of CAA, became viral. The doctor was falsely accused of propagating communal content on Facebook as Islamist groups misinterpreted it in a way that his Facebook post is against Muslims and Islam!

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However, there is scant mention about any religion in the Facebook post. The Facebook post simply explains what the CAA is and how the vested interest groups are misinterpreting it. Dr Ajith said in his post that the anti-CAA protests aim to bring down Narendra Modi’s government, adding that ‘the easy way to do it is to incite certain group to commit violence and create anarchy in the country.’ The complainants allegedly translated ‘certain group’ as ‘Muslim community’ and made the authorities into believing that the post is communal.
Even though the Facebook post did not hurt anyone’s religious sentiments, the Jihadi groups forced the authorities of the clinic to demand for his resignation. The Naseem healthcare clinic has confirmed his resignation in an internal circular. As per reports, Dr Ajith is facing security threat from communal elements as he returns to Kerala.
There were reports that communal forces are targeting Hindus working in West Asia, who support CAA. The Jihadi sleeper cells in Islamic countries, especially the radical Muslim migrants from Kerala, have been hatching a conspiracy to get Hindus ousted from their jobs in the Arab countries and destroy their businesses. They have reportedly formed special Whats App-Facebook groups to monitor and report the Hindu profiles, which support the Citizenship Amendment Act. The champions of free speech in India, who hurl abuses at the government, majority community, and the law of the land in the name of Freedom of Expression, turn out to be the traitors of Freedom of Expression abroad, taking advantage of stringent Islamic laws.
The Ministry of External Affairs has a greater responsibility to ensure the job security and safeguard the dignity of proud Indian citizens who support the Government of India on foreign soil as Jihadi elements from Kerala single out nationalist Indians and register fake complaints against them. Leaders of various NRI groups and overseas friends of BJP have urged the Union Government to make sure that the false complainants shall be punished.