Why is Assam protesting? Is it over CAB or Illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh?
Assam was neglected post independence and the issue of illegal infiltration was not addressed. The problem in Assam can be solved only with the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants being thrown out.
 - Manoshi Sinha

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I am from Assam. Things have taken a different turn with CAB. But why is Assam protesting?
Assam has been bearing the brunt of Bangladeshi immigrants from 1951 or to be precise even before that. The key facilitator being Assam sharing 263 km of border with Bangladesh. An unusual rise in voters was witnessed in 1979 in Mangaldoi Lok Sabha bypoll. This was because illegal Bangladeshi immigrants filled up space; they were given voting rights. This led to massive agitation by Assamese for 6+ yrs leading to death of 885 people, mostly students.
Agitation stopped after Assam Accord was signed in 1985. As per Assam Accord, date of detection/deportation of foreigners was fixed at March 25 1971. It was 1951 for other states. Bangladeshi language rules the roost in most of the regions of Assam now instead of Assamese.
Protests over Bangladeshi immigrants 

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Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has a new cut-off date of 2014 (according to Assam Accord cut-off date is March 25 1971). CAB does not apply to tribal areas of Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram or Tripura. Out of all the Northeastern states, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland fall under Inner Line Permit (ILP). Indians from other states require to get this ILP permit to enter or pass through them. This can be for long term or short term. Inclusion of Manipur in 'Inner Line Permit' was announced 2 days ago on 10 Dec 2019. So CAB does not apply to the states with Inner Line Permit.
Assam is protesting because she is already full of Bangladeshi immigrants already affecting ethnicity, language, culture of Assamese. Northeast has been neglected after Independence not only in economic, infrastructure and other fronts but also in national history textbooks. Assam, then combined, has a legacy of fighting invaders over hundreds of years. Raja Prithu defeated Bakhtiyar Khilji (looter, plunderer, destroyer of Nalanda University and many more universities) in 1206 CE. Ahom commander Lachit Barphukan defeated Mughal army of Aurangzeb and the list goes on.
Thousands and lakhs of freedom fighters from Northeast sacrificed their lives fighting against British. My book 'Saffron Swords' has 10 tales of valor from the Northeast - of Kanaklata Barua, Matmaur Jamoh, Rani Roipulliani, Sambhudhan Phonglo and more warriors.
Neglect of Northeast 

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Northeast has received attention only from the last few years. Today hardly any student/people from Northeast settled across India are harassed. I have been in Delhi since 2003 and I was called 'chinkie' several times because of my Northeastern features during my initial years in the capital. But since last several years, a change has been noticed for good. In fact, Northeasterners are more respected today than before.
Hindus have been persecuted since 8th century with genocide in millions over 1300 years and sacrifice of our warrior ancestors in battles while resisting attacks. I try to project real history of our warrior ancestors from each and every corner of Bharat which were missing in our history textbooks. To many of my dear friends who are saying that I am silent, please note I have been fighting for the civilizational cause through my pen since several years.
I had left my lucrative career 9 years ago only to devote my full time in research and bringing out the truth. Had it not been for the nation's cause I would have continued my 9-6 job drawing a handsome salary (no offence meant for anyone please). The problem in Assam can be solved only with the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants being thrown out. Miscreants are further creating confusion. May peace prevail in Assam.
Joi Aai Axom! Vande Mataram! Jai Hind! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
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