Thengadiji was Truly a Rashtra Rishi

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 Shri Pawan Kumar speaking at the function in Kanpur
Kanpur: Shri Dattopant Thengadi was a Rashtra Rishi because he thought for betterment of the whole nation. He thought not only for the workers but for social harmony, environment, art and culture, economic growth of the nation, Swadeshi, etc also. We see the fruits of his efforts across the country today,” said north-central zone organising secretary of BMS Shri Pawan Kumar while addressing Dattopant Thengadi birth centenary celebration held at Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College on December 1.
Shri Pawan Kumar pointed out that during the first Shri Ram Shila Pujan at Badrinath during the late eighties some workers asked him whether Shri Ram temple would really be built, Thengadiji confidently said that the temple would surely be built. Apart from his so many predictions, this prediction is now proving correct during his birth centenary year. It is also coincidence that the Supreme Court verdict on Shri Ram Temple came on November 9, a day before the 100th birth anniversary of Thengadiji. Shri Pawan Kumar said the development model that Thengadiji favoured was to ensure the fruits of development to the last person of the society.