Dasbodh and Bhagavad Gita Manifested together in Thengadiji

From left Shri Chandrakant Dhumal, Shri Virjesh Upadhyaya, Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, Shri Govind Giri, Dr Vijay Bhatkar, Shri Babasaheb Kalyani and Shri Ravindra Vanjarwadkar 
Pune: “The late Dattopant Thengadi was a visionary who could assess the situation much before others. Dasbodh written by Samarth Ramdas and Bhagavad Gita propounded by Shri Krishna manifested together in his life,” said RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi on November 20 while inaugurating the year-long birth centenary celebration of Thengadiji in Maharashtra.
Eminent entrepreneur and Chairman of Bharat Forge Babasaheb Kalyani was the chief guest. BMS general secretary Shri Virjesh Upadhyay, Acharya Govind Giri Maharaj, Maharashtra BMS president Shri Chandrakant Dhumal and Pune Mahanagar Sanghachalak Ravindra Vanjarwadkar were also present. Noted computer scientist and head of the state birth centenary celebration committee Dr. Vijay Bhatkar presided over the function.
“The people of India are very fortunate that pious people have continuously descended here. One among them, Dattopant Thengadiji, was an ascetic seeker of god of a very high order. He did not have even an iota of ego. He was a superior yogi. All the characteristics of various yogas like Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga could be seen in him without any of their limitations. He used to say that our work was a divine work and hence it was bound to succeed. We can only become the best tool for this divine work,” Shri Joshi added.
He further said: “With his foresight, he could assess the situation in a far better way. The words uttered with confidence by the seers give strength to us. When Communism dominated every corner of the world, he had predicted that Communism would not last long. Likewise, he had predicted the imposition of Emergency as well as its end. In 1989, he had said that the colour of the sunrise of the new century would be saffron and today we see that utterance being realised. Values of life and lifestyle are the gifts that Bharat can give to the world. Now the awakening has started, the whole world is looking towards India for guidance and only a strong society can show the right direction to the world. In this context, today the words of late the Thengadiji are being proved right.”
Shri Virjesh Upadhyaya said the idea of nation and the idea of development will be the central theme for the programmes to be organised throughout the year. Rekindling Thengadiji's memories, Acharya Govinda Giri Maharaj said: It is necessary to ponder over from where Thengadiji's idea came because the workers are expected not only to imitate his ideas but also acquire his thinking process. He used to say that Swadeshi was not meant just for enterprise or business but it had to become a state of mind. All his thinking was based on spirituality. Like late Deendayal Upadhyaya, he was well aware that the true foundation of this country was spirituality. Bharat’s bright future will surely arrive but for that, one must not forget the sustenance provided by Shri Guruji and Thengadiji.”
Shri Babasaheb Kalyani said the late Thengadiji was a truly accomplished personality. A labour leader was not his wholesome introduction at all. When the world was revolving around the two ideas of Capitalism and Communism, he showed the third path of development. Swadeshi was looked upon as an instrument till today but he went deep and contemplated it in its totality. He believed that Swadeshi was a manifestation of worship of the nation. He said that modernisation did not mean aping the west. My and Bharat Forge's ideas match with those of him. In a way, he propounded the idea of Make in India of today.”
Dr. Vijay Bhatkar said the Indian civilisation has the foundation of science and this has been the case since the Vedic age. Thengadiji aptly demonstrated this foundation. Today, jobless growth is a big challenge for us and what would be the role of the labouring class is a big question before us. At a juncture such as this, one feels a dire need for ideological guidance of late Thengadji. A book ‘Karmyogi Dattopant Thengadi’ written by BMS leader Uday Patwardhan was also released by Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi.

—Devidas Deshpande