Prime Minister urges Parliamentarians to maintain balance between national vision, regional interest while speaking in the Upper House

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Parliamentarians to maintain the balance between national vision and regional interest while speaking in the Upper House. Shri Narendra Modi said that the members of house should prefer dialogue over the obstruction to highlight people's issues.
Speaking in the Rajya Sabha to mark the 250th session, the Prime Minister said the upper house is essential for checks and balance in democracy but a distinction needs to be drawn between checking and clogging. He said India’s unity in diversity is very beautifully reflected in the Upper house.
Speaking on the role of the house in the Indian Polity and need for reforms, the Prime Minister said the framers of the Constitution envisioned a bicameral legislative framework, and this vision has enriched the country's democracy.
The Prime Minister said, the Rajya Sabha gives an opportunity to those who are away from electoral politics to contribute to the nation and its development. He said the Constitution inspires everyone to work for a welfare state and also motivates to work for the welfare of states. He added that the Rajya Sabha, as the Council of States, enables Parliamentarians to further the spirit of cooperative federalism.
(With inputs from AIR)