Developing a cluster: Last hope for re-birth of dying Ambala mixi industry
A industrial cluster is a must to save the Ambala Mixer grinder industry from extinction which is already suffering from other players and products flooded from China.
 - Satish Handa

Decision for setting up a industry cluster at Ambala City, once known as ‘Mixi Town” in the country, having more than 300 units to produce several popular brands of mixers, grinders, juicers and its components now squeezed to hardly 25-30 manufacturing units in the town hopes to have re-birth of this almost collapsed industry with government’s decision to set up a cluster in Ambala City. First mixi industry in the town was set up in 1966 with the first mixi produced in the country and by the year 1996-97 the business in the town was having annual turnover about 1000 crore when every tenth person in the town was employed in this industry.
According to Ajay Aggarwal president of Ambala mixi industry association, as a result of lack of cooperation by the government, higher rate of sales tax, non-availability of raw material in the town and absence of any subsidy or a package by the state government most of the units turning suck had to close down their shutters, shifted to alternate business or shifted to other states Himachal and Uttaranchal offering attractive packages to industry. Aggarwal said, about 30 months ago government declared to develop a cluster at Ambala City to keep alive once famous mixi industry in the town and entrepreneurs decided to construct their manufacturing units on 21 plots in 4 acre area complex on Manakpur Road near Ambala City where proposed project for a cluster was sanctioned by the government in year 2014-15. Expressing deep regrets the entrepreneurs purchased plots in this complex said that it took over two years to complete CLU formalities by the government due to lack of cooperation by concerned government officials as well as complicated procedures and now the entrepreneurs has decided to see Haryana Chief Minister.
Mohan Lal Saini Secretary of the association told that in-spite of approval of this project over two years ago, the construction of building for proposed cluster have not started so far in-spite of the fact budget for amount worth Rs 1.67 crore towards construction was approved by the state government, which included Rs 32 lakh to be spent on construction of Common Facility Centre and remaining mount to spend on purchase of hi-tech advanced machinery but no action has been taken in this regard so far.
Saini said several entrepreneurs have already started construction work in their plots. The entrepreneurs said that government had assured to spend Rs 2 crore on power and water supply, sewerage system and construction of roads in this complex but necessary funds have not been released by the government so far leaving doubts in the mind of entrepreneurs if this collapsed industry would ever get life. Saini said, only 15% subsidy made available to dying mixi industry and higher rate of 18% GST would be insufficient for this dying industry in the town, unable to compete mixis manufactured in other part in the country as well as low cost mixis made in China flooded in domestic markets.