Unique Tradition of a unique Temple is not Gender discrimination: VHP
The VHP communique also clarifies that Hindu dharma does not practice gender discrimination.

New Delhi. November 14, 2019. On Sabarimala issue Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) today said that Unique Tradition of a unique Temple is not Gender discrimination. VHP secretary general Shri Milind Parande said that Hindu dharma doesn’t practice gender discrimination and the Sabarimala case is nowhere related to any gender discrimination but in true sense it relates to unique tradition of an unique temple.
On the 3:2 majority ruling of the apex court to send the case to a larger bench, Shri Parande expressed hope that the larger bench will also think whether the judiciary should interfere in the integral part of a religion?
Out of many temples of Bhagwan Ayyappa, only Sabarimala has the limited age related(10 to 50 years) restrictions because of its unique nature and traditions. Lakhs of women devotees have faith in the temple tradition and protested in huge numbers in support of it. We are hopeful that the justice would be delivered upholding the religious rights and pious traditions of Hindus, said VHP press release.