‘Dharmic Gurus are Guiding Light in the World’
  Mohan Bhagwat speakinShrig at the function. Acharya Shri Mahashramanji, 
RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri CR Mukunda and others are also seen on the dais
Bengaluru: Mahatapasvi Acharya Shri Mahashramanji is observing Chaturmas in Bengaluru this year. As part of the celebrations, a public function was held at the premises of the Chaturmas, called ‘Paryushan Parv’. RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat addressed the gathering of thousands of devotees on November 3, 2019, where he stressed on the importance of Sadhus and saints in our society. RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Mukunda CR was also present on the occasion.
In his speech, Shri Mohan Bhagwat said the presence of saints in our midst and meeting them regularly provides the guidance to us individually and to the society at large. Our saints are the embodiment of our Dharmic scriptures and they showcase the right path in our lives. Our Dharmic gurus are like the guiding light in the world. As the world expects Bharat to show the path forward and fortunately we still have such Gurus in our nation even today. However, to make Bharat a Vishwa Guru each of us individually too has to equip ourselves are lead the righteous lives. It is for this purpose we have to meet our Gurus and saints regularly and take guidance from them. Whatever situation we are in, whichever difficulties we are facing, the stress we are under due to our professional engagements, our Gurus and saints can show us the right path to emerge victorious and unscathed, he said.
Shri Mohan Bhagwat said there are close relationship and similarities between Terapanth and the RSS since its beginning. Be it discipline, sacrifice, concern for others, there are many such likenesses between the two. The relationship, which started during the era of Shri Guruji Golwalkar and Acharya Tulsi in the 1950s. It is due to such a relationship with Dharma gurus that the Sangh also will learn and evolve, he concluded.
As part of Acharya’s Chaturmas, elaborate arrangements for the stay of Shri Mahashramanji and the Jain devotees who are visiting him during the Chaturmas have been made. A large area with all amenities has been set up on the outskirts of Bengaluru near Kumbalgodu for the saints and devotees. Daily spiritual programmes and guidance by Jain monks are being held at the premises. In June this year, Shri Mahashramanji was welcomed to the city with a grand ceremony which was attended by the then CM HD Kumarswamy, Mayor, MPs Tejasvi Surya, PC Mohan and many other dignitaries.