Violence and Terror of Urban Naxalism
Union Minister of State Babul Supriyo heckled by Left wing students at
Jadavpur University in Kolkata, September 19, 2019. Supriyo had arrived at
Jadavpur University to address a seminar organised by the ABVP

The concept of Urban Naxalism has spawned from the two words of radicalism and secularism. The ABVP thought process begins to challenge their idea of anti-India activism in the campuses and has won hearts and minds of young students


 Shri Niwas 

The violence in the campus of Jadavpur University against the Central Minister Babul Supriyo was not surprising. It was a part of a conspiracy to disrupt the Minister’s address organised by the ABVP. The Left leaning student’s organisation SFI and others created ruckus. They are trained to do so. One of the members of the ultra Left wing student group United Students’ Democratic Front (USDF), Ballav who is studying linguistics added that he would repeat his act again if situation demands. It is meant that they do not want alternative ideas to float in the campus. When the students of JNU in 2016 tried to vandalise the teaching and non-teaching practices and slogans were being raised that India would be torn into bits and pieces, Jadavpur University became part of it. Radical student’s wing supported JNU’s Left wing agenda on campus.
Why did this kind of scenario emerge? Who are they? What are their motives? These are the important questions to weigh their motives and expose them publicly. The ABVP’s sweeps in the campuses are well known facts. It has won Delhi University and almost all the campuses wherever elections were held so far. ABVP has also strengthened its position in JNU though it lost student union election of 2019. Hyderabad Central University has ABVP student union. The Left wing tried to slap the charges of murder on ABVP head in 2016, but truth ultimately won and elected ABVP with overwhelming support.
Having seen an upsurge of ABVP, the Left students’ wings have become restless; they are fighting their existential wars in the campuses. Their patrons who are teachers are more worried. Their forte is under threat. That is why they are using the violent method in sheer rage of losing the battle. For the left intellectuals campuses were .their shops. They did whatever they wanted. The compromises were being made between the Congress and Left parties. The congress was given the parliament to run the political show and the left handled the universities.
The Left started the structural changes in syllabi. It started with conspiracy of dismantling the Bharatiya culture and ethos. The recent statements of renowned historian, Prof Romila Thapar created storm that the lead character of Ramanyana, Yudhisthir appeared after Ashoka, the great King of the Maurya Dynasty. Earlier theory of Aryana invasion has repeatedly been challenged. Recent Rakhighari findings overturned the Thapar’s theory. Another historian of the same university wrote a book ‘India after Independence’ and few more, his name was Prof Bipin Chandra. He theorised that Jawaharlal Nehru was the only architect of India. Whatever good has happened, it wasdue to Nehru.
One of the scholars has tried to research on pamphlets writings of the left wings of students union of JNU. Since 1974 to 2018 almost 65 thousands pamphlets have been drafted. Out of 65 thousands 15 thousands pamphlets used the word radical political change. According to left wing ideology, radicalism defined the self-determinations in Jammu & Kashmir, reinforcing the power of Naxal outfits, pampering the minority communities and demeaning the indigenous culture and ethos. The Congress regime along with the left established secularism is the most sacrosanct feature of Independent India. According to their definition secularism is much closer to Atheism which could keep the faith at bay. The mixing of two streams; radicalism and secularism developed a new generation of intellectual. They turned to be India-haters. Seminars and conferences were organised from the taxpayers money to disintegrate India. The demeaning India spree invited western attention and accorded them with prestigious prizes. The JNU and few other universities became the hub of anti-national activities.
According to their idea of India, military and Paramilitary forces are killers and rapists and the Naxals are true champions of democracy. The terrorists were given shelters in the campuses. Students Islamic Movements of India (SIMI) became active in many of the campuses. These groups were involved in many of the terrorist attacks in Indian cities.
The concept of Urban Naxalism has spawned from these two words: radicalism and secularism. The ABVP thought process begins to challenge the idea of anti-India activism in the campuses. It won hearts and minds of young people. Therefore, ABVP has become the largest and the most vital student’s wing of the campus across the country. Its motives are very candid and straightforward. It believes the students are spinal cord of the nation.
The responsibilities of the students union is to help in the process of nation building. The campus should be the best laboratory to chalk out the plan of creating a nation and a society free from ills of caste, region and religion. The national interest is supreme. With this mantra ABVP has done wonder and won the hearts of the young mind. With the rise of ABVP, the disgruntled left wings are opting for violent method to create ruckus. They did it in JNU in 2016 and they tried out in Jadavpur University a few days ago. But ABVP is determined to work relentlessly for the cause of Mother India. The Left wing in the campuses is likely to be wiped out completely.
(The writer is the National Joint Organising Secretary of ABVP)