An Insider’s view on RSS

From left Shri Kapish Mehra, Shri KG Balakrishnan,
Shri Mohan Bhagwat, Shri Sunil Amebkar and Shri Sandip Somany at the book release
 function in New Delhi 


The book will not only be useful for common readers but also would turn to be key literature for avid researchers
It was a huge gathering at Ambedkar International Centre of Delhi in the evening on 1st October. The event was of a book launch written by national organising secretary of ABVP Shri Sunil Ambekar. Since Shri Ambekar is popular among the students and teaching fraternity, hundreds of teachers from different corners of India came for the function. The hall was jam-packed, many of them were standing at exit gates.
The most interesting part of the book launch was the speech of RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat who is an eloquent speaker. He tells many complex socio-political scenarios in the form of storytelling with light flavoured of amusement and life learning messages. When the unfurling of a binding knot of bunch did not open easily, the RSS Sarsanghachalak put extra efforts to open it. He mentioned in his speech that if author has done considerable work in writing the book, I have also put much extra energy in launching the book. While praising author of the book, Shri Ambekar, he said “How did he manage time for writing such a wonderful book, despite being his extremely busy schedule”. Those who are connected with the ABVP knew this. Last year from April to October, he went underground. He fully concentrated on his book like a researcher or author for six months.
Shri Bhagwat made it clear that RSS is not confined in a book or speeches. Each of the Swayamsevak is free to air his or her words in the form of book which may shed new lights on RSS. But he praised author for outstanding clarity and knowledge for addressing some major issues which common people have desires to know. This book was debated within and without lanes of RSS. The best part of the book is that it intelligently avoided jargons of social science. The reading seems to be smooth sailing like a story reading.
This book is a little different from Anderson’s book ‘The View from the Inside’. Anderson narrated RSS is an organisation which is very powerful in the political domain, though it is an absolutely a cultural organisation. It developed the narratives of its speedy rise in the last 25 years. But ‘The RSS: Roadmaps for 21st Century’ is altogether different literature. First, it is narrative by an insider who himself is a Pracharak and social thinker. Shri Sunil Ambekar has narrated the major milestones of historical changes and current status with new direction i.e. idea of India. Having worked at the heart of the Shakha system, he also highlighted the internal working of the Sangh’s decision-making process.
Since the book was published by Rupa Publications with affordable price along with immense popularity of Shri Ambekar among the youth and academia led to selling of thousands of copies during the inauguration itself. There was a long beeline of common readers to get it signed by the author. The book will not only be useful for common readers but would turn to be key literature for avid researchers. If the academic fraternity organises book reading event or symposiums on the same it will attract the youngsters to read and understand the RSS which is the ultimate aim of the author.
(The writer teaches Political Science)