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National Policy on Languages

APROPOS (Incentivise Bharatiya Languages), Organiser, September 29, 2019, the editorial rightly argued that we the Indians have mastered the art of turning even the obvious into controversies. Any controversy on Indian languages is a futile exercise. Everybody knows that not only the languages but our dialects also are of the pre-British era. The common Bharatiya has respect to all the language, but some politicians turn the atmosphere vicious for vested interests. The day we incentivise our languages as the languages of opportunities, the controversies over languages will die automatically. If various developed countries can make astonishing progress on the strength of their own languages, why we the Indian are mad after English? We need a national policy on it.
Rajendra Prasad, Patna

Inhuman track record of Pakistan

APROPOS (Is there an End to this Misery?) Organiser, September 29, 2019, in Imran Khan’s ‘new Pakistan’, the minority population including the Hindus, Christians, Zikaras, Hazaras, Shias, Ahmadias, Sindhis, etc live in an atmosphere of constant terror and disdain. Molestation, rape and abduction of minority girls demanding huge ransoms in kidnap cases and frequent arrests of Hindus on false charges under Article 295-C that pertains to derogatory remarks in respect of the prophet. Most of the persons facing blasphemy allegations are members of the religious minorities. On paper, Article 20 of Pakistan constitution, guarantees freedom of religion but in reality, a form of religious apartheid prevails in Pakistan. Non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan are treated as unequal and second class citizens. Systematic exclusion of Hindus and other minorities ranges from humiliation to restrictions. Minority communities which are at the brink of extinction are forced to live under compulsion, compromises, agony and distrust in new cleansing Pakistan of minorities.
Rishi Sharma, Kapurthala

Viman Shastra

APROPOS (Looking to the Past for Building future Aircraft), Organiser, September 29, 2019, the article is a good read. It needs no elaboration that our past can provide us with solutions to many of the present problems if we only look intently into it. ‘Vimana Shastra’ which was long ridiculed, is one of the ancient sciences that can provide solutions for problems of the future. ‘Viman Shastra’ is not only about flying machines, many of the design devices and materials, etc mentioned in it, can be used to make our lives better. Ancient Indian aerospace technology is very vast and there are many things to explore in it. The Government of India should make sincere efforts to explore the aerospace knowledge out of the ‘Vimana Shastra’.
Keshav Kumar, New Delhi


Apropos Dr Farooq Abdulla, former CM and sitting MP of Lok Sabha, was apprehended under the Public Safety Act, which was introduced by his father the late Sheikh Abdulla. Similarly, former Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram was first interrogated by CBI in the office which was inaugurated by Chidambaram himself and subsequently his arrest by the same CBI in connection with money laundering INX case. See the coincidence.
Sridhar V Kulkarni, Kalyan

Indira: The Real Culprit of 1971

Apropos (India must Ensure Trial of 1971 Pakistan War Criminals), Organiser, September 15, 2019, the fact is that 30 lakh Bangladeshi, particularly Hindus were slaughtered by the Pakistan army. As mentioned in an article published in Organiser on September 3, 2000 the Pakistan army had painted yellow ‘H’ on the houses of the Hindus to distinguish them from Muslims. In May, there was order in writing to kill the Hindus. At that time India was being ruled by Congress with Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister. Muslims believe that Allah has given them the licence to kill kafirs/Hindus like sheep and goats, to enable them a place in heaven, and Indira Gandhi being anti-Hindu secular had no objection if the Muslims sincerely followed their faith. Our brave army had made 93,000 criminal Pakistani army men prisoners, after great sacrifices. All these criminals deserved death penalty, but Indira Gandhi was very kind to those criminals, served them with very good food, which was not given to even our own soldiers. Sent them with respect to Pakistan with a copy of Koran to each soldier as if they had done pious job of killing the Hindus. It is not the fault of Pakistan or Muslims. The real culprit is Indira Gandhi, the Congress and the secular mob.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula